The author of the leak, GTA 6, seems to have been identified: he is a British teenager

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L’author sensational leak from GTA 6 it could have been defined: There would have been a 16-year-old British teenager who had committed the same crime in the past, some hackers reported.

Boy who illegally hacked into Rockstar Games’ servers stole one large amount of material Among the gameplay videos and gameplay footage, it comes to collect over ninety videos related to the new episode of the series.

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Recognizing the uproar his actions evoke, but above all the risk of detection, the author of the leak went into “radio silence” for several hours, but it was his “colleagues” from the Lapsus$ team who provided useful insights to understand. who was that

Unsurprisingly, the young hacker had previously breached several systems, often owned by major brands, and last year arrested escaping precisely because of this behavior, but only with a reminder.

At this point, given the massive damage done to Rockstar Games, it will be interesting to see if the author of the leak will be authenticated and what action will be taken against him, but this has also ensured there will be no delays. in the process.

Source: Multiplayer

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