Stellar Blade: The developers posted an absolutely sexist tweet about its protagonist.

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developers star knife they definitely tweeted sexist on hero of the game. In fact, a typical internet joke consists of writing a text in which they are told to notice a background element by highlighting a girl’s private parts or directly a particularly flamboyant girl.

In this case, we can read: “I see a tower that is an important part of the game!”, with the image showing the main character Eve framed from the back, with a shooting cut to emphasize the size of her hips.

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Stellar Blade's sexist tweet

Stellar Blade’s sexist tweet

Of course, the actors responded with great maturity, making jokes after jokes. We report a couple just for the record.

What to add? All of a sudden, it seems like Eidos and Core are back in the early days of Tomb Raider marketing when they decided to eroticize Lara Croft as they realized that her form was particularly popular with players.

Eve and her friends descend on a now-extinct Earth to claim her and meet the survivor Adam. Adam will take Eve to Xion, the last city where she will meet the wise Orcal, who will tell her many stories. To succeed in her mission to save the world, Eve will need to connect with Xion’s most important members and help rebuild the city.

Eve must not only save Earth from the NAs, but also help the citizens of Xion. Whether you help the survivors or not is up to you.

Source: Multiplayer

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