Elden Ring patches for Broken Malenia Boss Fight

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Elden Ring, Malenya received a hotfix on Wednesday to fix a flaw that was causing Michela Blade to heal more often than originally intended.

According to the patch notes from Bandai Namco, this latest update “fixes a bug with Malenia, Blade of Miquella, where her HP was not properly healed in an online multiplayer environment.”

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The Battle of Malenya was considered one of the toughest battles in a series like All Souls, let alone Elden Ring. Not only could he wield an incredibly dangerous sword with a wide range and seemingly endless attack combinations, but he could also sometimes heal himself, prolong the battle, and test players’ stamina.

After using Elden Ring update 1.04, players immediately noticed Malenia healing more often than usual. Even popular hero Let Me Solo Her, a top veteran, admitted to having issues with the post-patch version of Malenia.

Wednesday’s patch is supposed to turn Malenya from impossible to simply difficult. The rest of the changes made in the patch are:

Players should check App Ver for the latest updates. 1.04.1 and provisioning fails. 1.04.2 is in the lower right corner of the title screen.

Source : dbl tap

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