Geodomic Depths Final Battle of the Wasteland Mini Pack available in Hearthstone

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The research goes even deeper! On January 18, Hearthstone will release 38 new cards.
Mini-kit “Final Battle in the Wasteland”, “Geodome Depths”.

Geodome depths

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The excavations continue!

Roshassang’s mining industry has gone so deep that it has reached Geodomo, an underground labyrinth inhabited by powerful elemental beings. Elisa Mirestela and the Outlaws continue their quest and find some great new allies, one of whom is Brann, the Miner from the Deep!

The mini-pack will allow players to dig and unlock 38 new cards, including dual-class cards, two neutral Legendary minions, and cards with the Dig feature.

New dual class and mining rewards.

  • Double Card Value: This miniset includes several new dual-class cards, including minions and spells. Each class will receive four of these cards (two shared with each of the other two classes), and the additional functionality will certainly help the player when creating any type of deck.
  • The Paladin and Shaman classes will receive new rewards for digging – digging deeper can reveal powerful bonuses and spells!

Neutral Legendary Cards

  • Two new neutral Legendary minions enter the fray in Roshasang, one of them is Therazane, a Petramater who fights hard to defend her domain and even if defeated offers a bonus to all elementals in her hand and deck.

The unpredictable season begins in February

  • A new Unpredictable is coming! The February Season of Unpredictable (begins February 1st) introduces additional challenges for players by limiting deckbuilding to just common cards (including all pre-Year of the Dragon expansions and core cards) and opening up new ways to knock down opponents without the power of rare, epic, and legendary cards!

Lunar New Year

  • The Lunar New Year event is back! By completing daily missions, you will be able to unlock various rewards, including two hero skins and three exclusive cards!

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Source : Married Games

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