No Man’s Sky: Space pirates next update? A tip from Sean Murray

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Although it has been six years since its release, Hello Games plans to expand further No Man’s Sky thanks to new updates. And in this context, at this time, Sean Murray may have given a clue about the event. next update apparently free to focus space pirates.

As PCGamer reports, Murray posted a post on Twitter with an emoji. pirate flag. It didn’t add anything else, but that was enough to spark the community’s imagination, and many believe Hello Games’ boss has a clue as to the theme of the next update.

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To be fair, No Man’s Sky already has pirates, but their role is pretty limited as they are basically groups of AI-driven enemies to take down while exploring space. However, that may change with the next free update. on Reddit hypothesis They are the most diverse, from the introduction of a new faction of space pirates with related criminal activities, to a new bounty system and illegal spaceships, to a themed PvP mode.

In short, we are in the realm of speculation for now, so we have to wait for official news from Hello Games. No Man’s Sky’s latest update, Sentinel, has been available since last February, so we’ll probably have to wait a few more months for the next expansion.

Source: Multiplayer

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