KIC2023: Chengdu.AG wins and becomes the best Honor of Kings team in the world

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ABOUT Honor of Kings International Championship 2023 (KIC2023), the pinnacle of the world’s most popular mobile MOBA competition, came to an end this weekend, with Chengdu.AG crowned the tournament’s grand champion. After facing some incredible opponents in recent weeks, the team managed to win the title and the majority of the approximately US$10 million (almost R$50 million) prize fund.


Final stages KIK2023 began on December 22 with a qualifying phase that saw eight teams battle each other in exciting matches for places in the grand final. Chengdu.AG (China) and Beijing.WB (China) earned spots in the grand finals, while third place in the competition went to Nanjing.Hero (China).

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International Championship Honor of Kings 2023

Grand Final KIK2023 took place on December 30 in MD7 format. After exciting matches that demonstrated the skill and perseverance of both teams, Chengdu.AG managed to win the tournament. KIK2023 4-2 and named team of the year. Honor of Kings in the world and took home a prize of approximately 2.825 million US dollars (about 13.8 million reais).

Below you can see the final results KIK2023:

  • 1st place – Chengdu.AG (China) – Awards: approximately 2.825 million US dollars (approx. 13.8 million reais)
  • 2nd place – Beijing.VB (China) – Awards: approximately 1.271 million US dollars (approximately 6.2 million reais)
  • 3rd place – Nanjing.Hero (China) – Awards: about 904 thousand US dollars (approximately 4.4 million reais)
  • 4th place – Chongqing.Wolves (China) – Awards: about 734 thousand US dollars (approximately 3.5 million reais)
  • Top 6 – Jinan.RW (China) and Suzhou.KSG (China) – Awards: about 565 thousand US dollars (approximately 2.7 million reais) each
  • Top 8 – ONE Team Esports (Chinese regions Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) and Guangzhou.TTG (China) – Awards: about 423 thousand US dollars (approximately 2 million reais) each
  • Top 16 – SCARZ (Japan), Talon Esports (Thailand), Hydra (Thailand), Saigon Phantom (Vietnam), Impunity Esports (Myanmar), Hong Kong Attitude (Chinese regions Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), MAS Tigers (Malaysia) and Vivo Keyd Stars (Brazil) – Awards: about 254 thousand US dollars (approximately 1.2 million reais) each

ABOUT KIK2023 champions took part CHOCBR, Vivo Keyd Stars, as Brazil’s representative in the group stage of the tournament. After several difficult matches against the best teams in the world, the Brazilians unfortunately had to return home early, but they showed great potential and managed to impress the crowd watching the matches, as well as return to Brazil with a prize. The result was about 254 thousand US dollars (approx. 1.2 million reais).

Petala Barreiros, CEO of Alpha7, and Dani, a Vivo Keyd Stars player, also recorded a bit of their daily life during the tournament for the KIC2023 documentary. Stay tuned to Honor of Kings Brasil’s social media for more details, including the full documentary!

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