Honor of Kings: “Showmatch da Virada” brings together influencers to celebrate the end of the year

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Honor of Kings, the most popular mobile MOBA in the world, announces Showmatch da Virada. The event takes place this Friday (22) and will bring together the game’s new officials as well as partner content creators for an exciting debate to celebrate the game’s first year of success. Honor of Kings in Brazil. See below for more information about the event.

Virad show match

Participants in the fight will include ambassadors Jojotshi, Akumoto and Riyuuka, as well as content creators Maque Moba, Inutilizando, Maknara, Menino Alef, Vithy, LAdAJ and TG Gamer. In addition to the match between the influencers, the show match will also allow Honor of Kings players to see the new hero Butterfly in action, which will be added to the game on Friday. Finally, during the event broadcast there will be several skins for some of the game’s heroes, so don’t miss out!

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Virad’s show match will take place this Friday from 19:00. The event will feature a presentation by influencer Aragames and host Bruna Balbino, which will be streamed live via the official Honor of Kings YouTube channels. Facebook and Twitch.

About Studio TiMi

TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, is a leading global video game development and operations team committed to enhancing the entertainment experience for gamers around the world. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Montreal, Shanghai, and Chengdu, TiMi creates high-quality, high-quality, and highly creative games across a variety of genres and platforms. Founded in 2008, TiMi has developed a number of successful games, including Honor of Kings, Speed ​​Drifters and Arena of Valor. TiMi is also a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest gaming brands, creating AAA titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile and, most recently, Pokémon UNITE, the first Pokémon strategy team-based battle game.

About the Infinite Level

Level Infinite is Tencent’s global gaming brand. We’re committed to delivering original and immersive gaming experiences to gamers around the world, wherever they are and however they want to play, and to build a community that promotes inclusivity, connectivity and accessibility. The Level Infinite brand also provides a wide range of services and resources to our network of developer partners and studios around the world, helping them unlock the true potential of their games. Level Infinite publishes successful games such as Honor of Kings, PUBG MOBILE, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE This SYNCHRONIZEDand is also a collaboration partner in games such as Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tidefrom Fatshark, Dune: Awakeningfrom Funcom, Nightingale, from Inflexion Studios and many others. To learn more about Level Infinite, visit official site.

Honor of Kings can be downloaded through the App Store, Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Store. Chat to us in the comments and let us know how you liked this new feature and take the opportunity to read more news like our list of the best smart TVs you can enjoy and buy right now on our website.

Source : Married Games

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