SEGA digs deeper into its own heritage with new franchises project

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During The Game Awards 2023, one of the largest annual video game industry events in the world, SEGA of America announced an initiative to release new games from the company’s treasure trove of beloved franchises. New games are currently in development for five of the company’s classic franchises: Crazy Taxi, Golden Ax, Jet Set Radio, Shinobi and Streets of Rage – all reimagined for modern audiences.

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Over the past few years, Sonic the Hedgehog has broken new ground for SEGA, bringing the franchise to life and reaching new audiences in ways we had only previously dreamed of.

Building on this success, we’re digging into our heritage and reimagining a variety of franchises to bring these games to more audiences around the world.“,” says SEGA Corporation Chief Operating Officer and SEGA of America CEO Shuji Utsumi.

Radio Jet Set

Today’s announcement is just the beginning of our initiative. Above all, our goal will be to create great games with memorable characters and worlds. We hope fans of all ages look forward to our future with excitement as we release these projects in the coming years.”.

The upcoming projects span a variety of genres and are currently in various stages of development and will be released in the coming years. The first of these games will be based on the following classic franchises:

  • Crazy Taxi – A series of high-speed car adventures where players must dodge traffic in an open game environment to get passengers to their destination before time runs out.
  • Golden Ax — A series in the style of “Hack and Slash” with hand-to-hand combat in a fantasy world with monsters, swords and magic.
  • Radio Jet Set – This franchise combines a fast-paced journey through vibrant Tokyo with ice skating, graffiti, street culture and rebellious themes.
  • Shinobi – A series that uses ninja shuriken, ninjutsu, special attacks and more to defeat enemies in a variety of combat environments and challenging environments.
  • Streets of Rage – A “Beat ‘Em Up” style series that combines fast-paced punching and modern music in a lawless urban environment.
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More information about each of these games, including official titles, release dates, and platforms, will be released in the future. To stay up to date, fans can visit to register and receive all the latest news on these SEGA projects and more.

For more information about SEGA of America and its games, visit

About SEGA of America, Inc.

SEGA of America, Inc. is the American division of SEGA CORPORATION, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, a world leader in interactive entertainment. SEGA of America, founded in 1986, publishes innovative interactive entertainment for consoles, PCs, mobile devices and emerging platforms. In 2020, SEGA was ranked number one in Metacritic’s annual game publisher rankings.

Her globally beloved franchises include Sonic the Hedgehog™, Like a Dragon™, Virtua Fighter™, Super Monkey Ball™ and Phantasy Star Online™, as well as the Atlus Persona™ and Shin Megami Tensei™ series. Since his debut over three decades ago, Sonic has become a pop culture icon, featured in dozens of games, TV series and films. SEGA of America has offices in Irvine and Burbank, California. Visit

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