Chessarama, a chess puzzle game, is now available on PC and Xbox

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Developer Minimol Games, in collaboration with SMG Studio, is pleased to announce that Cesarama (website), its unique collection of chess-inspired puzzles is now available on Steam (with a launch offer) and Xbox.

The support package is also available for R$59.99. Get ready to experience chess like you’ve never seen before with eight variations of the classic board game that will challenge chess enthusiasts to retrain their brains and teach beginners to think like a chess master!

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Cesarama is a series of single-player games inspired by chess, using chess pieces and their unique moves in new ways, with different purposes and themes. Pick a game, learn the rules, and play through the campaign, unlocking collectibles and competing against other players on the leaderboards. There’s endless replayability here. Welcome to Cesarama!


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Each game has its own theme, set of rules and original hand-crafted levels! IN Dragon Killerplayers must move a pawn to the end of the board, where it must kill a powerful dragon, although the dragon attacks the board every turn, destroying all unprotected pieces.

In a feudal game Lady RoninThe game takes place in Japan. The chess queen must destroy all the pieces on the board in order to get closer to the shogun and kill him. And in football chess you must position your pieces to score the ball into the goal. Try all of these and many more original chess-inspired puzzle games at Cesarama!

“People may not know this, but Minimol Games has created over 30 puzzle games over the years. Cesarama is the most ambitious to date,” said Rafael Diaz, CEO and Game Director of Minimol Games.

“Each option requires you to train your brain in a whole new way, making the game extremely challenging for veterans and newbies alike! We are so excited to share the fruits of our hard work with you all!”

“Rafael is a chess enthusiast with a PhD in physics, which makes him and his team excellent providers of puzzles and games. Cesarama this is his masterpiece,” said Ashley Ringrose, head of SMG Studio. “Cesarama is an unusual and brilliant puzzle game, but most importantly, it has a lot of personality.

The Minimol team really did a fantastic job with the chess variations, each with its own personality and color! We recommend that everyone who loves puzzles give it a try. Cesarama. Warning: You may not be able to let go of the monitor!

Main features of Chessarama

  • Play 8 unique chess games;
  • Campaigns with over 100 levels and over 100 unique challenges;
  • 24 exclusive chess stickers to unlock and collect;
  • Unique art style with beautiful dioramas;
  • Daily and weekly challenges;
  • Compete with other players on leaderboards;
  • Learn chess moves, tactics and strategy using modern video games;
  • It also includes “Classical Chess” where you can practice everything you’ve learned!

Minimol also started a series of developer posts called Checkmate Chronicles, detailing the artistic and creative decisions that led to the final Chessarama product. Its latest update includes:

Behind the board: the path to rethinking the game of chess. This text describes how the development team updated their chess boards for the Chess Match (Classical Chess) mode, exploring color choices, textures, and patterns to ensure the board is easy to view, easy to learn, and tactical!

Chessarama is partnering with to become one of the official partners of the world chess tournament Champions Chess Tour for the 2023 season.

About Minimol games

Minimol Games was founded in 2019 by Rafael Diaz, a young Brazilian developer with a PhD in physics, who created the company with the mission of developing intelligent puzzles, beautiful dioramas, and quality, innovative games. With 30 short puzzle games selling over 250,000 copies (and an average positive review rate of over 85%), Minimol Games is developing its most ambitious game to date – Chessarama, a collection of original games based on chess moves with your own games. rules, dioramas and designs.

About SMG Studio

SMG produces games with original and licensed IP for all platforms. With studios in Sydney, Melbourne in Australia and Los Angeles in the USA.

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Source : Married Games

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