Call of the Hunt: Overwatch 2 Season 8 Releases December 5th

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Intense battles and the hunt for new epic rewards await players in the newest Season of Overwatch 2. In addition to the introduction of the hero Mauga, the update will bring festive holiday events, training for hero skills and new rewards in the themed Beast Hunter Season. .

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Overwatch season 8 2

Mauga has arrived and is ready to party

Players got to see Mauga in action during BlizzCon 2023, but now he’s here to stay as a new tank hero to be unlocked in Overwatch 2. Equipped with dual machine guns capable of burning and destroying his enemies, Mauga is a brutal tactician that players must be careful with.

He can attack and throw enemies with Angle, buff his team with Heart Overload, and even engage in close-range combat with his powerful One on One ultimate.

His performance and player comments were monitored so that some adjustments could be made to make Mauga stand out even more. The machine guns’ power has been enhanced and the armor’s durability has been increased to improve durability on the battlefield.

The season begins with “Duel of the Beasts”

Players will face a fierce battle with epic Great Beasts in an exciting 4v4 PvPvE mode: Duel of the Beasts. The goal of a battle between Great Beasts is to protect the beast with the help of a team and defeat the enemy beast.

overwatch season 8 2
Overwatch season 8 2

Mauga will be free to play as the only tank available in this mode, but players will be able to try their luck as one of the many other Hunter-themed heroes and end the Great Beast’s life while avoiding powerful abilities. May the best hunters win!

Both Beast Duel and other favorite game modes will help players complete new challenges in a limited-time event until December 18th.

Rewards will include new cosmetic items, including revealed information about Maug and a new calling card, as well as up to 25,000 Battle Pass XP to promote the Season 8 Battle Pass and prepare players to unlock new rewards such as the Mythic skin Great Beast Orisa” is available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Introducing solid light weapon skins

This is a new way to customize heroes, starting with the “Solid Light” theme for Reinhardt, Reaper, and Mercy. These sleek models feature custom visual and sound effects and can be outfitted with any of the three hero skins. More weapon skins will appear in future seasons.

When creating new weapon skins, feedback from the public and what they liked most about them will be taken into account. This will improve future weapon skins, introduce new looks and additional ways to customize heroes.

Ice paradise is approaching

Players will be able to celebrate the holidays with the Frozen Paradise event! The heroes will be in new festive looks.

overwatch season 8 2
Overwatch season 8 2

By winning challenges, you can unlock a free legendary skin. You can choose from Cassidy or Baptiste’s outfit or Illari’s cozy winter pajamas.

Everyone’s favorite event modes like May’s Snowball Offensive and Bigfoot Hunt also return with new challenges and rewards. Frozen Paradise will be released on Tuesday, December 19th.

How to become a skill master with Echo, Genji, Mei, D.Va and Lucio

The next wave of Hero Mastery workouts will begin next year on January 2nd with a five-week event that will bring a new workout for a new hero each week, as well as new challenges and cosmetic rewards to earn!

Starting with Season 8, Hero Mastery Replays will feature a new feature: Favorites! The player will be able to favorite specific locations in the replay time bar for quick viewing.

Additionally, due to improvements made to this mode since its original release, the tables for all current Hero Mastery training have been reset. Players shouldn’t worry if they already have a spot in the current top 500; old tables will be available again in a future update.

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with the return of hidden items!

Finally, Season 8 ends with the return of the Lunar New Year event! The public’s comments have been taken into account, and the game’s favorite item hunting mode, Mischief and Magic, will be featured on the Lijiang Night Market map with new objects that Robber Kiriko can transform into, forcing the player to look in every direction imaginable.

In addition, new legendary skins will appear in the in-game store, and modes such as Capture the Flag and Bounty Hunter Deathmatch will return. Fireworks and festivities in honor of the Year of the Dragon begin on January 30th!

overwatch season 8 2
Overwatch season 8 2

The Call of the Hunt will begin!

You can play for free and earn over 25 new cosmetic items, including 2 epic skins. By purchasing the Premium Battle Pass, the player will receive the Mythic Orisa Grand Beast skin, as well as 80 tiers of rewards. If you purchase the Ultimate Battle Pass offer, it will also unlock 20 jump levels, the legendary Mauga Magma skin, the Legendary Widow Wild Ranger skin and the epic Moira Magma skin, as well as 2,000 in-game store credits.

Additionally, in response to requests for the ability to purchase skins only in the Ultimate Battle Pass and Starter Pack offers, especially if the skin is for one of the player’s favorite heroes, these skins will be available for separate purchase using Overwatch currency in the Game Gallery.Heroes.

Overwatch Season 8: Call of the Hunt launches on December 5th. Chat to us in the comments and let us know how you liked this new feature and take the opportunity to read more news like our list of the best 55-inch TVs that you can enjoy and buy right now on our website.

Source : Married Games

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