Hearthstone Season 6: See Battlegrounds Details and News

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Hearthstone is preparing for the release of Battlegrounds Season 6. On December 5, players will be transported to the Wild West and can have fun with three new heroes, new spells, and 32 additional minions to improve their decks.

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  • Bob’s Tavern now has spells. More than 40 spells have been added to the minion pool. Spells have different costs and effects, requiring even more careful strategy on the battlefield. Once purchased, they remain in the hands of players for as long as they want and can only be used during the recruitment phase;
  • In the tavern, spells have their own card frame, which indicates their cost and level in the tavern;
  • Whenever a tavern is upgraded, it will contain a spell of the player’s tavern level or lower;
  • Like spells found on battlegrounds (such as Bloodstones and Triple Rewards), spells cannot be tripled and will disappear once cast.


  • The tavern wouldn’t be the same without a few criminals to spice things up a bit. New heroes include Snake Eyes, who fills his pockets with gold by playing a six-sided die. Te’thelan’s incredible passive power means that every third spell purchased from the Tavern costs zero gold. And Doctor Quiet, who will cast a random spell upon request;
  • These three have different ways to make the most of their new spells! Follow Hearthstone on social networks for these revelations.
Hearthstone Season 6


  • 32 new variants have been added to the minion pool, including Undead, which activate Deathrattle and Rebirth effects when recruited. Taskjab offers players the option to forgo a spell in exchange for a bonus effect. To learn more about minions, read the full post on the Hearthstone website.


  • The store offers a taste of the Wild West. You can play dirty with Boss Denathrius, Old Town Jailer, Gluttonous Mutanus and many others. Cosmetic items will be available through the Battle Pass Battle Pass offer and in the Battlegrounds Store.

Don’t forget to take part in the Winter Veil event, which will take place from December 12 to January 2! More information can be found on the official Hearthstone website.

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