Season of Discovery is now available in World of Warcraft Classic

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Discovery Season begins today in World of Warcraft Classic! Fans of the franchise are invited to begin a journey full of new adventures and discoveries across Azeroth.
Players will be transported to another Azeroth, where exploration and experimentation will be the key to unlocking new abilities and playstyles for characters.

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World of Warcraft Classic

Available on Classic Era worlds, Discovery Season is full of rules and exclusive new features, including:

  • Runes: Throughout the world, players will need to unlock special runes that will unlock new abilities, some of which have never been available to WoW Classic classes.
  • Runic engraving: Players will be able to apply a limited number of runes through rune engraving, which will also allow them to change abilities outside of combat to encourage experimentation.
  • Gradual increase in maximum level: Season of Discovery will start with a level cap of 25, which will increase over time to provide a more progressive gaming experience at each level.
World of Warcraft classics
World of Warcraft Classic
  • Classic dungeons reimagined: Each stage’s level cap will provide players with new content, starting with the 10-player Dark Depths raid at level 25: Once a mid-level 5-player dungeon, it has been redesigned with restructured boss encounters to offer exciting challenges that will put the rosters of players to check.
  • World PvP Events: In addition to the new raids, each tier’s cap zone will also host global PvP events where players can test their new skills against others. To start, the level 25 PvP zone will be in Ashenvale.

More information about Season of Discovery can be found on the World of Warcraft website.

Source : Married Games

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