Defense Derby Witch: October update adds a new unit to the game

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RisingWings, an independent studio from KRAFTON, Inc., has revealed the contents of the October 2019 update. Defense Derby, your real-time strategic defense mobile game available for Android and iOS devices. The update debuts the Witch class, a magic-type unit from the Human faction.

Consumed by forbidden magic, the Witch turned into a superb sorceress. She has a unique ability, Necromancy, which allows her to summon two Ghosts into the ranks of players who successfully defended their castles in the previous wave. These creatures serve as vanguards, absorbing initial damage from monsters and increasing the difficulty of the wave.

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Defense Derby Witch

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To celebrate the arrival of the Witch, a special derby brawl is available – the Witch Mirror Match. In this mode, all players start with the same Human faction deck, which includes the Witch. This mode will be available until October 14th, with a new themed mode coming on October 15th.

With the start of Season of Sweet Whispers, the game will be updated with the Season Pass, Registration, Lucky Draw, and Blessing Shop. With these options, players can protect the new Witch unit. Regular login offers some rewards such as human crystals, gems, witch emotes and a rare witch card for those who log in for 7 days.

In addition, fall season events continue. Complete various tasks, such as logging into the game, participating in Derby mode, exploring the Valley of Challenges, or teaming up with friends in a friendly derby. Completing these quests gives players the opportunity to earn rewards such as unknown artifacts, crystals, and rare cards. These fall events are active until October 10th.

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About the company CRAFTON

KRAFTON, INC. is a group of independent game development studios dedicated to creating innovative and exciting games around the world. The company currently has PUBG Studio, Unknown Worlds, Striking Distance Studios, Bluehole Studio, RisingWings and Dreamotion, each with their own expertise. He is responsible for several entertainment projects including PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, NEW STATE MOBILE, Moonbreaker, ELYON and TERA. With its focus on technology, KRAFTON aims to expand its business scope to include multimedia entertainment and deep learning in addition to gaming.

About RisingWings

RisingWings is a South Korean game development studio that specializes in creating mobile games that are loved and appreciated by the public. RisingWings has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s most popular mobile game creator and continues to develop several successful mobile games, from real-time strategy games to casual games such as Castle Craft, Castle Burn, Archery King, Bowling King, Mini Golf King. and King of Golf: World Tour.

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