Naruto on Hype Games: Store offers discounts on ninja games

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Hype Games, Level Up’s digital store, is running special promotions for games based on the famous manga. Naruto. The latest ninja games are up to 78% off this week. Besides games Naruto, there are over 100 games on sale that can be activated on Steam, as well as some Ubisoft franchises. Read the details in the following lines.

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Naruto fans will be able to purchase the latest three ninja games with discounts of up to 78%. Promotions are active from today until September 24 at 23:59.

Naruto on Hype Games

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Check out the highlights below:

  • NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto Bundle Bundle The latest game in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series comes with the Road to Boruto expansion, adding BORUTO characters to the fighting game. from 112.16 to 22.06 reais 78% discount
  • NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Legacy – Bundle – Enjoy the famous Ultimate Ninja Storm franchise in this bundle with four main games in the series. Ninja action from the beginning of Naruto to the final chapters of the Shippuden saga – from 218.09 reais to 46.61 reais 76% discount
  • NARUTO BORUTO: ATTACKER SHINOBI – Create your own ninja or choose one of the iconic Naruto characters and take part in 4v4 battles in this action game. from R$139.90 to R$59.81 53% discount

In addition to these three Naruto games, other games based on famous franchises from the world of manga and anime are also available at discounted rates. A list with all the highlights can be found here. In addition, when you pay using pix, you receive an additional 10% discount on the final price.

Ubisoft is introducing promotions for several games from its famous franchises. Tom Clancy, A big difference This Rayman Here are some of the highlights you can find with up to 81% off. The promotion starts today and ends on September 24 at 23:59.

Ubisoft on hype games
Ubisoft on Hype Games

Check out the highlights below:

  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Standard Edition – Explore the mountainous region of Bolivia and defeat the Santa Blanca cartel in this open-world game from the Tom Clancy’s franchise. from R$149.99 to R$27.08 81% discount
  • Far Cry 6 – Gold edition This special edition of Far Cry 6 includes the base game and its additional content, including the Season Pass with three DLCs and the classic Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – from R$349.99 to R$78.97 76% discount
  • Rayman Legends – Highly acclaimed by specialist critics, Rayman Legends offers plenty of 2D action and a fantastic presentation. Play alone or with up to three friends, help Rayman and his friends complete a series of tasks while exploring otherworldly scenes. from 89.99 to 16.25 reais 81% discount

Check out the list of all the Ubisoft highlights Here. Payments made using pix receive an additional 10% discount on the final price.

Steam users will also be able to purchase over 100 different games with special discounts. The promotion starts today and ends on September 24 at 23:59.

Steam games and hype games
Steam Games at Hype Games

Check out the highlights below:

  • POSTCARD 2 The controversial first-person shooter is back. Control the Postman and try to complete simple tasks using a range of different weapons, as well as facing unusual enemies – from R$19.99 for R$2.00 – 90% discount
  • Dragon Star Varnir – Knight Zephyr is part of an order whose role is to hunt witches, after almost being killed, he is saved by two mysterious witches who give him magical powers, now Zephyr must help them defeat the evil empire – from R$93.99 to R$18.80 – 80% discount.
  • Afterimage – A Metroidvania with RPG elements, Afterimage features beautiful hand-drawn graphics and a solid story. from 73.99 to 22.20 reais

A list of all Steam highlights can be found here. In addition to the discounts mentioned, when you pay using pix, you receive an additional 15% discount on the final price.

Lastly, we will also have special discounts on Xbox Live and PSN subscriptions and gift cards, as well as gold at Ragnarok This Flawless World. The discount can only be obtained by following the links below:

  • Xbox Live – Gift Card/Subscriptions (Basic) (Ultimate) – 10 discount
  • PlayStation Network – Gift Card – 7% discount
  • Ragnarok – Gold – 5% discount
  • Ideal world – Gold – 5% discount

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Hype Games is a service created by Level Up, a company with over 18 years of gaming tradition in Brazil, which guarantees refunds and security of all transactions.

  • About leveling up

Level Up is a Tencent Games group company and its mission is to bring the world’s leading game developers closer to people in Latin America. With over 300 employees in offices in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, Level Up publishes and distributes games and is the largest distributor of digital games in Brazil, with partners including Sony, Microsoft, Garena and Ubisoft. The company also offers marketing services including social media, influencers, press relations and esports, as well as customer service in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

About hype games:

Hype Games is a virtual store created by Level Up to make it easy to sell games and credits for your favorite games such as Free Fire, Google Play Gift Cards, Playstation Store, Xbox and more. Part of Level Up’s direct-to-consumer distribution platform, it’s fast, simple and secure, with multiple payment options to make life easier for gamers.

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