Halo now also has a cookbook, but many fans don’t get it well

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By the way, Halo Infinite Season 2 is coming out while we wait. Halo: The Official Cookbookin Halo-inspired cookbookSeems like not well received by most of the society more passionate, as usual, who does not hide his disappointment.

We know well how Halo fans are resolutely demanding, and we don’t hesitate to protest often and willingly, often down to a considerable level. toxicitywas also confirmed in the case of the release of this book. The debate isn’t over the ambiguous connection between the sci-fi science of the 343 Industries series and the culinary art (which, to be honest, would be understandable), but rather than indulging in these jokes, many say that 343 Industries tackled the Halo Infinite update with new content.

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The problem that invalidates the logic of these hot fans is that such an initiative is not led directly by the developers of Halo Infinite, but by an independent marketing department, given the dimensions that characterize the Halo brand. In any case, Victoria Rosenthal’s book has ended at the center of a heated debate that could spark new rift following the incident last December that caused the moderators to temporarily shut down the official Halo subReddit. Of course, timing has certainly not played out in this initiative’s favour, given that these days the same 343 Industries are reporting that they are now realizing that the community is now running out of patience.

But meanwhile, we saw Halo Infinite receive a new patch today, April 2022. Season 2 It’s expected to arrive early next month, along with a host of innovations partially offered by 343 Industries.

In any case, if you’re interested in moving from Master Chief to Masterchef, Halo: The Official Cookbook is expected to launch on August 16, 2022, and contains 70 recipes that should somehow be inspired by the video game franchise in question.

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