Edtech Labenu Offers Free Beginner Programming Course

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Thinking about helping more professionals in the technology market every day, labenEdTech, which offers courses aimed at getting people into the tech sector, in an effort to make the field more diverse and inclusive, has made the Beginner Programming Course completely free on its YouTube channel.

The edtech Programming Logic course is the starting point for those who want to enter the world of software development forever, and offers nine classes for students to learn the subject before investing in a time-consuming course. All course materials are available here.

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In addition to this free course, Labenu works on a bootcamp model, with high-intensity content lasting 6-12 months, teaching full-stack web professionals with over 1,000 hours of front-end, back-end, and software experience. skills. For more information about courses, go to laben

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Source : Married Games

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