Genshin Impact event bug allows Paimon to follow you around like a true companion

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This new Genshin Impact Paimon bug gives it the ability to always be by your side, which is always implied in dialogues and cutscenes, but is never actually seen. She’s known as the best travel companion for a reason, and with that glitch, Paimon can float when she travels from one place to another, just like every other companion device currently available in the anime game.

The new Fungus Mechanicus event in Genshin Impact version 3.5 brings back some of our old fungus friends, but it also comes with an unexpected bug that can be exploited if you haven’t fully started the event yet. You should be in the scene where Paimon is swimming with the two mushrooms in Port Ormos, under the bridge.

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For the bug to work, you need to teleport to a waypoint that will take you to the bridge directly above Paimon and Mushrooms. Then go into co-op and jump to land right on top of Paimon as he opens his menu.

If you do it correctly, the character that jumped will most likely die and a second Paimon will float next to your head. It will now follow you until you open its menu again. You can leave the coop and even teleport; it will come back to follow you after a brief disappearance.

You can check out this video from content creator Genshin Mockermay to get a better idea of ​​the whole process:

To be fair, Paimon should already be able to track us this way, and it would be great if HoYoverse added the ability to turn it on and off like all the other devices we have.

Take advantage of the bug while you’re there, as the event won’t last long. You should also photograph Ayaka, Shenhe, and Miku if you’re interested, as their banners will be up for a few more weeks.

Source : PC Gamesn

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