Diablo 4 beta dungeons criticized as repetitive and ‘cookie-cutting’

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As the Diablo 4 beta nears the end of its early access phase, Blizzard’s RPG has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its combat, art, and design work despite queue and code issues. Bug 316719. However, as the release date of the upcoming Diablo 4 beta approaches, D4’s new dungeons are criticized for being repetitive and using a repetitive procedural layout, with players complaining of similar paths and layouts and less variety. of dungeons than in Diablo 2.

From March 17 to 20, the Diablo 4 Early Access Beta featured three Diablo 4 classes, each of which can be leveled up to 25 levels. it’s all out there, offering a substantial preview of the upcoming ARPG ahead of Diablo 4’s full release date.

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Despite praise for the more difficult and elaborate combat system, as well as dark, dark fantasy art and design, Diablo 4 beta players are raising issues with the game’s dungeons. same or very similar map layout.

“Of the nine or so dungeons I’ve been through, I’ve seen the exact same layout in three of them,” writes one Diablo 4 player. “This is a huge disappointment. The classics, Diablo and Diablo 2, were so profitable because of their randomization. I was very happy with the beta until tonight when I realized I was running the same Diablo 3 dungeons that he had cleared 1000 times.”

Another player, who says he’s been “developing procedural systems for video games for over 20 years,” describes Diablo 4’s dungeons as a “little cookie” and tries to explain how Diablo 4’s procedural generation works.

“What the developers at Blizzard have done is create models with random junction points and corridor lengths that branch off from the main model. You can see this by running Hoarfrost Demise over and over again.”

The player then shares a screenshot showing all nine varieties of the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon, which they say are “predictable”.

Other Diablo 4 players claim that the layout of the dungeons does not significantly affect their gameplay. “The art, the aesthetic, and most importantly the creatures I find within are much more important to me than having 15 completely different Mollwood designs,” says one.

“Not that exciting,” wrote another, “but you know what? If I farm in a dungeon for a while, I’ll get bored, no matter if it’s interesting or unique every time or not. This way at least I’ll speed up because I know what I’m doing most of the time. I’m very happy with it.”

Endgame Diablo 4 features more difficult versions of the existing dungeons. The full game would also include over 150 dungeons created through a combination of crafting and procedural generation.

La prochaine version bêta arrive bientôt, alors assurez-vous que votre PC répond à toutes les exigencias du système Diablo 4. Vous voudrez également savoir comentario obtener tous les meilleurs trophées Diablo 4, ainsi que les objets mythiques Diablo 4 caches dans le monde de Tempête Of snow.

Source : PC Gamesn

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