Counter-Strike 2 trademarks owned by Valve

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Honestly, go ahead. In recent days, Valve’s activity on the Steam backend seemed to be pointing towards the release of an updated version of its flagship FPS game in the form of CSGO Source 2. A full sequel and release date for Counter-Strike 2 are files. new associates with both. Global Offensive and something eloquently labeled “CS2” seem to suggest that Counter-Strike 2 is on the way.

As a reminder, this week Valve made a number of changes to the CSGO Steam file, adding new executable files called “CS2” as well as updates and changes to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive beta platform.

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Initially, it looked like the long-awaited update to the engine, CSGO Source 2, was imminent, but after some digging at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it seems to suggest that it could be a complete time trial. strike 2.

On March 14, Valve Corporation filed a trademark application with the USPTO for something called “CS2”. If that’s not enough, the app has a “Related Properties Section” that lists all of the other Valve trademarks that CS2 may be associated with. This section contains two serial numbers – searching through these two serial numbers reveals two other Valve properties, Counter-Strike and CSGO.

Below you can see the CS2 file with the corresponding serial numbers highlighted:

And here is the CSGO trademark registration with the corresponding registration number:

Valve Trademark Application for Counter-Strike 2: Valve Trademark Application for Valve FPS CSGO Game

In a nutshell, Valve filed for a rebranding for something called CS2, which is associated as intellectual property with the Counter-Strike and CSGO brands. Right now, there’s an amazing conspiracy theory out there that the CS2 release is somehow related to the US version of The Office; you can read more here. However, these new brand requests seem to offer us something more solid.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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