Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its failed movie: This was going to be Doctor Strange’s director’s movie

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its failed movie: This was going to be Doctor Strange’s director’s movie

Fragments of the script of a project overseen by the creators of the video game have leaked.

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With Uncharted hitting the big screen and Sonic repeating the box office number one for the second time in many years, it looks like video game adaptations have finally found their way to theatrical success. But not so long ago, bringing this kind of production to life was the opposite of easy. We have a good example of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its turn into the frustrated movie.

We first read about the project in 2012 when CBS Films hired Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill as directors and screenwriters. But Marvel Studios’ commitments to Doctor Strange and the suspicions of the responsible company ruined an adaptation that tried to stay true to the game. And in case of any doubt, a USA Today report now reveals excerpts from the script.

He had all the ingredients for an unforgettable movie.kinney “I am very sorry that CBS Films is leaving this project because I think Scott could have made the most of Deus Ex and made the first major movie adaptation of a video game,” says Scott Kinney of Prime Universe Productions. The feature film was tied in its early stages. “His astonishing work in Doctor Strange exemplifies what Deux should/should be, sharing an ingenious ‘more than human’ theme that translates well into a mainstream action-adventure film. Transhumanism from Deus Ex. And here, we’d have all the ingredients for a movie that could be memorable, or worst of all, ahead of its time“.

ancient human revolution

The interview continues, according to Kinney, between conversations between some of the video game’s protagonists and opponents, and parts of the script where all the sequences are told. Surveillance of Eidos Montreal. Everyone seemed satisfied with the result. Everybody. And that’s the tragedy of it.” Of course, the speech describes a different moment from the video game; Adam Jensen, who asks David Sarif for cybernetic improvements, frustrated by the alleged loss of his girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from saying the sentence. “I never wanted this”.

At the moment, it looks like there are no plans to continue the project as the video game franchise takes a hiatus. Their director, Eidos Montreal, surprised us last year with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, an action-adventure game that can preserve the essence of comic book characters. You can also read DE:HR’s analysis on 3DJuegos and Mankind Divided’s analysis.

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