CSGO Source 2 conspiracy theory has a strange meaning

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Valve has made a lot of changes on Steam this week that point to either CSGO Source 2 or a full release date for Counter-Strike 2. Though it seems clear that something is up with the original multiplayer FPS game due to the appearance of new files and executables. on the network under the name “CS2” – it is not yet clear exactly what the Counter-Strike team has up its sleeve of special forces. However, a new conspiracy theory based on Steam sales, the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC), and The Office makes perfect sense.

So, we’ve already seen Valve add new files to the CSGO backend that at least indicate something new, whether it’s the Global Offensive transformation in Source 2 or a full-on Counter-Strike 2. It is also possible that CSGO Source 2 will simply change its name to CS2.

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However, one theory seems adamant: whatever Valve has in store will be released or revealed on March 23 or 24. Posting via its official Twitter account, Counter-Strike skins site CSMoney points out some interesting, or at least very funny patterns.

First, the CSGO Twitter account recently responded to three tweets from Counter-Strike fans or streamers referencing Source 2. In each of these responses, the CSGO account simply stock GIF of the American version of The Office.

Sounds pretty harmless, right? Well, a quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the first episode of The Office aired on March 24, 2005. Did you put on your tinfoil hat? Very good, then let’s continue.

CSMoney also notes that the original release date of the famous CSGO card “de_office” is March 23, 2012. next week. , and ends, you guessed it, on March 24.

Steam’s spring sale has finally started, at least until next week, when it ends on March 23rd. How to use CSMoney suggestsWhat better way to end the Steam Spring Sale than with the announcement of CSGO Source 2?

We have Valve sharing GIFs of a show called The Office that premiered on March 24. CSGO itself has a map called After office, which premiered on March 23.

Meanwhile, Source 2 was presented at the fair, which will end on March 24 this year. And it all comes down to when the Steam sale ends on March 23rd. Chance? Just one chance? If it can be. But who knows? Valve works in mysterious ways. We just have to keep watching the sky until at least the end of next week.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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