Cyberpunk 2077 makes smart weapons even smarter

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Cyberpunk 2077’s smart weapons feature the ease of use of The Fifth Element’s Zorg ZF-1 Pod weapon: you aim your weapon and every bullet will hit its mark. The problem is that the RPG makes important distinctions between different body parts, while its smart weapons… don’t. Don’t worry: there’s now a Cyberpunk 2077 mod that’s guaranteed to get you headshotted by smart weapons.

Seijax’s Really Smart Weapons Mod changes Cyberpunk 2077’s logic for smart weapons, allowing only heads and other weak points to be considered viable targets. “This means that a weapon that can aim at multiple targets will no longer waste bullets, but instead attempt to headshot multiple targets when appropriate,” explains Sajax. “That means you can count on smart aiming and headshots from the hip.”

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Few things in Night City are more frustrating than getting your hands on supposedly intelligent equipment to have it relentlessly shoot straight into the heavy chest armor of a corps goon, right? Sajax says that since we already have cameras on our phones that can detect and focus on faces, it’s silly that this technology isn’t widely available in 2077.

It should be noted that the “Actually Smart Weapons” mod will not work with the “Skippy” special weapon that you can find on the floor of the alley. Skippy, the sentient weapon, can be used in Cold Killer or Puppy-loving Pacifist modes, with the latter causing the weapon to only fire at the legs. Smart Weapons doesn’t actually change that by default, but there are instructions on the mod page on how to change it.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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