Evidence Protection: Cybersecurity Market Trends in 2023

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The advancement in technology seen in recent years has affected the market as a whole. As new alternatives for navigation, storage, transactions, and consumption emerge, companies are looking for ways to improve their audience’s experience with ever more insistent service offerings.

Cyber ​​security event in 2023

In this context, security has become a key factor, especially given the growing role of cybercriminals in the use of fraud and data theft. recent report MyslLab group notes that cyberattacks and data breaches worldwide have increased by 15% over the past year, in addition to this, 29% of CEOs/CIOs and 40% of CSOs admit that their companies are still not fully prepared for the meeting with a rapidly changing threat landscape.

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“The indicators show that security teams need to be aware of and closely monitor key trends, threats and forms of protection in order to improve their security strategies and make them more effective, especially during the wider adoption of remote work. and services in the cloud,” explains Atilla Arruda, Chief Commercial Officer of Solo Network, a managed services provider (MSP).

Cyber ​​Security Trends in 2023

Cloud and IoT security: The more devices connected to the network, the more potential alternatives attackers can use to infiltrate and access our data. According to analysts from Gartner Group, this year there will be more than 43 billion devices connected to the IoT in the world. Given this data, several public and private sector initiatives should take action to improve the security of connected devices.

Enabling artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML): these features are important when it comes to debugging and performing behavioral analysis, which reduces false positives. Thus, 2023 promises a rapid adoption of AI and machine learning, especially in retail, financial market and healthcare companies.

Solutions with SOAR resourcesA: Security, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solutions are also on the rise as they allow automatic collection of information in addition to performing analysis and scoring based on threat severity, factors that help cybersecurity teams have access in the context of a threat. SOAR allows you to receive alerts, automate response to threats, and access information for action in case of security incidents.

Potential targets for cybercriminals

Supply chain: Report X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022 notes that over the past year, 62% of organizations around the world have experienced an attack on their supply chain. This type of threat focuses on the vulnerabilities of partners that are part of the supply chain. Even if companies are better prepared for such an invasion. Therefore, it is important to look for a proactive approach that analyzes the behavior of users and systems to detect deviations.

Cloud: Malware and phishing are among the top risk vectors in the cloud and target popular services such as Microsoft 365. Such attacks include sending emails with an attachment or link that directs the user to fake pages, prompting them to install disguised ransomware in control and storage systems.

Integrated systems and infrastructure: studies cybersignalshosted by Microsoft has identified high-severity unpatched vulnerabilities in 75% of the most common industrial controllers in Operational Technology (OT) client networks. The data points to issues that still exist in remediation systems that could be gateways for cybercriminals.

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