Dwarf Fortress on Steam now has the best game management tool

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Dwarf Fortress was on Steam not too long ago, but it has already proven to be a huge success. The colony management game has actually been in the making for decades, and in that time Dwarf Fortress has seen a plethora of mods and additions from the community to help you deal with the chaos or forget about it. In fact, the beloved Dwarf Therapist expansion that helps you manage and check on all your gnomes has been updated to include a new Steam version.

So what exactly is Dwarf Therapist and what does it do for anyone playing Dwarf Fortress on Steam? This is to make the gnomes easier to deal with when they start to stack up. The control tool is “designed to work in conjunction with Dwarf Fortress” and offers “multiple views and interface enhancements” as you play.

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You can import and manage any number of fort custom professions, assign multiple dwarves to custom professions, and use a more flexible user interface to manage your jobs and professions faster. Dwarf Therapist also allows you to preview pending changes before they actually go live, and allows you to group dwarves on various criteria for easier management.

The idea of ​​making Dwarf Fortress more manageable on Steam is really appealing because the more gnomes you get, the more menus you have to go through to work out each of their work preferences, so you have something of a dwarven therapist at your fingertips. hand. while playing the game will only make everything smoother.

According to Redditor’s Songwind, the current Steam version of Dwarf Therapist is read-only, “at least as far as job assignments go,” and another user noted that “it’s still extremely useful for comparing skills and tastes.” of the dwarves”.

However, many note that even in its potentially more limited Steam form, the Dwarf Fortress addon is great for a much quicker reference for things like moods, likes, skill levels, and all those gnome details.

So while The Therapist is basically a requirement for the classic version of Dwarf Fortress, it still has plenty of uses for those playing on Steam. If you’re new to the game, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can learn all about it on the Dwarf Fortress wiki or download it from GitHub. This Reddit thread also has a lot of information on installing Dwarf Therapist.

Alternatively, you can download the Dwarf Fortress mod, which adds 905 Pokémon to the game, each with unique abilities and gameplay mechanics. The game also flourished, with around 500,000 copies of Dwarf Fortress sold on Steam in its first month.

If Dwarf Fortress is absolutely right for you and you need games like this, we have lists of the best city-building games and the best survival games that you should check out.

Source : PC Gamesn

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