This Minecraft map straight out of Nier Automata

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The sunny ruins of Nier Automata appear to have inspired a custom Minecraft map that you can download and explore in your own copy of the popular sandbox game. Abandoned City is an ambitious and impressive map that looks even better with Minecraft mods and shaders installed.

The Abandoned City was created by Minecraft modder Viator. This is a detailed map of the city, showing dilapidated office buildings and skyscrapers covered in moss and other foliage, with the sidewalk below covered in water. It’s strikingly similar in tone and architecture to the city ruins area from Nier Automata, even including some buildings that have collapsed on their sides.

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Tilted buildings are always nice to look at, but they look particularly impressive rendered so well on Minecraft’s rigid cubic mesh. The buildings also lean at different angles – the way they lean looks incredibly natural on this map, which must have required a lot of attention to get right.

There is a lot to explore in the Abandoned City, including an NPC village. Viator, who has been working on this card for over a year, recommends using the Nostalgia shader version 3.0 OptiFine optimization mode to get the best results from the card.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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