Skyrim mod finally makes stealth fun in Bethesda’s RPG

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If you’ve ever felt let down by stealth in Skyrim, the new Skyrim mod overhauls the stealth system of the Elder Scrolls RPG. That’s right: no more cheering for unsuspecting enemy AI as you creep out of their search radius with stealthy archery. Instead, you’ll have to deal with smarter, more thorough checks and searches by the enemy, as they see that unexpected knee arrow as more than a minor inconvenience.

Listen, I love the simple fun of stealthy archery in Skyrim just as much as anyone else. You crouch in the shadows, cheekily launch a critical headshot at a nearby enemy, then laugh maniacally as other nearby enemies stumble before declaring it must have just been the wind. However, the idea of ​​actually requiring stealth promises to completely change the Skyrim dungeon crawling experience.

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The Skyrim Sneaking Out Sneaks mod, developed by the creator of Aixcalibur, contains a number of key AI and enemy behavior tweaks designed to make stealth more difficult while providing a viable (and fun) gameplay. Firstly, enemies won’t be as quick to take out a threat to their lives after taking a hit or seeing a teammate go down.

Once alert, “sentient” enemies such as humanoids, automata, and dragon priests will patrol the dungeon for intruders, behaving somewhat randomly but potentially leading them to the lair entrance. Not only that, they often decide to team up with a friend to make it a bit harder for the killer to kill them one by one, though sometimes you’ll still catch a lone wanderer stupid.

You can see the mod in action, courtesy of JustMeMatt, below:

If you’re ready to really test your stealth skills, you can find The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Sneaking Out Sneaks on Nexus Mods. Excalibur says they’re considering ways to make enemy behavior even more sophisticated in the future, and are even implementing a dungeon lighting system where enemies can re-light areas you’ve dived into in the future. darkness.

We’re still waiting for news on The Elder Scrolls 6 release date, as the next entry hasn’t been revealed yet at the recent The Game Awards 2022. Luckily, we’ve got some of the best games like Skyrim available to play on PC while you wait. more information.

Source : PC Gamesn

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