Stop the Vex in Destiny 2’s new dungeon: Sentinel Spire

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Bungie is releasing a new dungeon in Destiny 2: Sentinel Spire today. This three-man squad will have the Guardians infiltrate a facility on Mars to ensure the Vex don’t get in the way of us restoring the Warmind, Rasputin.

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The bravest can earn a new armor set, four legendary weapons, and a new exotic bow called the Hierarchy of Needs. Guardians who accept the challenge will be able to unlock a new Wanted badge and title, which will also allow them to purchase the corresponding badge through Bungie Rewards.

Those looking to break into the Sentinel Spire dungeon today can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition or The Witch-Queen Dungeon Key for 2000 Silver. This purchase also includes access to the first Year 5 dungeon, Duality🇧🇷 The current season, Season of the Seraphim, is available to Guardians who want to help restore the Warmind in preparation for Destiny 2: Lightfallwhich will open on February 28, 2023.

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Source : Married Games

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