Tips for playing Protocol Callisto

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It’s probably pretty clear by now why almost no journalists got access to the game beforehand, and why the review embargo wasn’t put in place until after it was released. Unfortunately, this is due not only to the controversial status of the PC (and partly Xbox) version, but also to some design decisions of the creators. These issues may be of particular concern to you. upset in the second half of the game, where you often run out of ammo to face tougher enemies right away – or if you choose to play on a higher difficulty. The following tips should help you alleviate this frustration and complete the game successfully.

Practice Dodging Correctly

The core of the combat system is hand-to-hand combat, and if you do not pay enough attention during training, then sooner or later not knowing this system will set you back. By far the most important aspect of these fights from a survival standpoint is the ability to dodge, which you do in a rather unconventional way: just HOLD the direction stick (or key) left or right and your character will automatically dodge the enemy. attack.

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It really doesn’t matter if you stick to the left or right, regardless of which side the enemy is attacking from. But if he makes several attacks in a row, you must switch sides, that is, hold on to one side for the first attack, then hold on to the other side for the second attack, and again hold on to the original side for the third. Enemies cannot attack “combos” longer than 4 in a row. Depending on the difficulty or opponent, this is an absolute must to use and master. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem of your character always “locking” on one enemy, even though several of them will often attack you at the same time.

Upgrade weapons that don’t need ammo

Your club and gravity glove are the only things you can always rely on – firearms will never run out of ammo, so you can rely solely on shooting. Also, here much more than in many other games, the improvement in the attack power of this weapon is really very noticeable. Just crank up their damage to the middle of the three levels and you’ll be much more effective at taking down enemies. Not to mention, in the case of the club, for example, you have the ability to unlock a power-up such as breaking through an opponent’s attack block.

Shotgun rule

During the game, you get access to two different types of shotguns. Both have repeatedly proven to me that they are much more powerful than other firearms in the game. Plus, you don’t have to aim so accurately with them. And since most of the time the game is trying to push you into hand-to-hand combat, you will almost always be sure that a shotgun blast will overtake a strong enemy. Personally, I would definitely recommend prioritizing upgrading these two weapons (especially the Riot shotgun) and hoarding (or even buying/crafting) ammo for them for harder playthroughs or mini-bosses.

Annoying Miniboss

Around the middle of the game, you will first encounter a mini-boss that will repeat several times – you can recognize him by the fact that he has two heads. The creators decided to design this enemy not only with very high health, but also with a one-shot kill mechanic if it hits your body. This is where it becomes clear if you have learned the dodge skills mentioned at the beginning of the article – since this mini-boss will knock you down quite easily, the only solution is to turn to face him and successfully dodge his melee attack. Luckily, you can also reload your weapon while dodging. Once the minoboss is brought to his knees, he must be “caught” with clubbing before he gets up again.

Tips for playing The Callisto Protocol tcpe

Switching firearms

I don’t know how well switching firearms works on a keyboard, but on a controller it’s quite problematic. You need to expand a menu that is not organized in a circle, so you “linearly” click on it from one side to the other, which takes quite a while and you literally won’t have time to do it while browsing. Struggle. Luckily, it’s still possible to switch between two weapon categories with a single click (on the Dualshock it’s the left arrow button). But keep in mind that this quick toggle does not toggle the last two selected weapons out of all possible, but the currently selected attachment for each of the two categories/platforms you have with you. If you want to change an attachment (weapon type) within the same category, you have to go through a more complicated/slower menu, not to mention that the animation of the process takes an excruciatingly long time – just like replenishing health from a First Aid kit takes a lot time.

There is usually a tool nearby

The developers talked about how they wanted to create a difficult game, but at the same time they always gave the player some means to overcome a difficult passage. So if you run into a more difficult passage, there’s usually something nearby that can make things easier for you, like explosive canisters (for throwing at enemies with the gravity gauntlet) or bayonets on the wall (for impaling enemies with the gravity gauntlet). Before more difficult passages, there is usually a bypass somewhere in the environment or a cache for additional ammo.

Tips for playing The Callisto Protocol tcpe

Blind Enemies

In the second half of the game, you will encounter blind enemies who only use sound or touch (where have we seen such “zombies” before?). So here it makes sense to move crouched and save ammo by avoiding them. On the other hand, you can kill them all with a backstab (although that doesn’t make much sense considering how noisy the backstab is, so other blind monsters won’t hear/detect you when you use it). And if they run into you, then you can kill them traditionally – only there are usually a lot of them at once.

We’ve been looking forward to the game, as have most of you. Unfortunately, it did not turn out very well, so, with your permission, we will take a breather before offering a review. In the meantime, good luck to all fans of the genre.

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