Brazilian chess game Chessarama to be released in 2023

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Brazilian independent studio Minimol Games is proud to announce that its next game Chessarama (Steam page) will be released in the second quarter of 2023 for PC and consoles. The game became the main sponsor of the Champions Chess Tour, the world’s largest online chess tournament and the main championship of the Play Magnus group for the remainder of the 2022 and 2023 seasons. FIDE World Championship.

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In Chessarama, players will be able to enjoy a variety of minimalist games, unlock collectibles, and compete against each other to climb the leaderboards. Reimagined chess scenarios include barnyard farming, dragon fighting, and fighting like the legendary Ronin in feudal Japan.

History of Chessarama

The game’s plot cannot be explained without Rafael Diaz, a young Brazilian developer and Ph.D. in physics, which was marked by the discovery of chess at the age of 14. Not only did chess lead him to a more structured and disciplined mindset in his life as a student and professional, it also taught him the values ​​of respect and patience. His passion for video games mingled with chess in 2019 when he decided to found an independent studio, Minimol Games, with the mission of developing minimalist and innovative chess-based games.

After 30 small game releases, over 250,000 copies sold and an average of positive reviews above 85%, Minimol Games is developing its most ambitious Chessarama game to date: a collection of turn-based games inspired by the original chess with your own rules, dioramas and constructions.

The Play Magnus group and Minimol Games will work together to make chess accessible and attractive to a wider audience with Chessarama. The goal is fully in line with the broader goals of the Play Magnus group.

Sebastian Kunert, Group Business Development Director at Play Magnus, said:

🇧🇷We are excited to announce a partnership between the world’s largest online chess tournament Champions Chess Tour and Chessarama, an exciting new puzzle game that everyone will love. Chessarama offers fans of chess and puzzles in general the opportunity to test their wits in a new world of turn-based games. It’s smart and fun. We can’t wait to show people Chessarama and look forward to its release in 2023.🇧🇷

Minimol Games CEO and Creative Director Rafael Diaz said:

🇧🇷We are very pleased with the partnership between Chessarama and the Play Magnus group. We fully agree with the mission to make chess more accessible and attractive to an even wider audience, and Chessarama will be another big step in this direction.” “Chessarama aims to give players a modern gaming experience by drawing inspiration from chess tactics, strategy and culture to create original puzzle and turn-based games in one package. The most innovative sporting event in the world to come out in recent years, the Champions Chess Tour is by far the best partner to present our game to the world.🇧🇷

Chessarama is being developed by Minimol Games, a small Brazilian studio passionate about creating smart puzzles, beautiful dioramas and high quality games. Together, they want to help chess become even more popular by providing players of all types with a modern video game experience heavily inspired by chess.

The Play Magnus Group is a global leader in the chess industry, dedicated to providing world-class digital experiences to millions of chess players and students. The company offers e-learning and entertainment services through its leading brands: chess24, Chessable, iChess, New In Chess, Everyman Chess, Magnus Academy, Aimchess, Play Magnus App Suite and Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. The group’s mission is to develop chess to make the world a smarter place by encouraging more people to play, watch, learn and make a living from chess. The Play Magnus group is listed on the Euronext Growth Oslo stock exchange under the ticker PMG.

For more information, please visit the Play Magnus Group official website.

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