Destiny 2 lore means lore of this weapon is now canon

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Some Destiny 2 story theorists say that newly acquired weapon awareness should now be treated as a weapon in the game world. Telesto recently began posting starburst models before apparently taking over the game’s official Twitter account. While Bungie devs say the problems with Telesto are now “has been decided‘, the weapon itself should now be canonically known to be capable of sentience and could be something the space game’s narrative team decides to refer to in the future.

Destiny 2 features a strong storytelling team led by a Loremaster whose job it is to manage the massive projects that document the game world and its history. At the beginning of this year, Savathoon has taken over Destiny 2’s Twitter accountwhich was also considered canon due to the hidden folder that completed The Witch Queen expansion.

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“I think he looked towards a world that is bigger than ours. Maybe even some kind of influence,” the file notes state.

Grimoire Card for Super Good Advice Notes Destiny 2’s weapons can essentially spontaneously evolve minds.

“Engineers decry the idea that all intelligent systems spontaneously develop personality and consciousness…but it seems undeniable that Super Good Advice exhibits personality, memory, and a certain cheekiness,” he says.

Telesto adds several sentient weapons to the world of Destiny 2. The fact that the game developers have put sentience on it is based on the idea that Telesto has its own sentience, as the game has often been a source of headaches. for the development team, which requires frequent patches and updates.

The recent introduction of the Telesto adds to the list of possible sentient weapons in the game. Currently, there appear to be at least ten such weapons.

Pahanin, a hunter mentioned several times in Destiny’s lore, skillfully developed Super Good Advice because he was afraid of traveling alone after losing two of his teammates in the Vault of Glass. Whisper of the Worm is supposed to be a form of Zol, who took the form of a sniper rifle to feed on Guardians. Xol is a worm-god second only to Darkness in the Hive hierarchy.

DARKIE seems reasonable and even seems to speak directly to the Warden in the weapon lore tab. Xenophage contains a bug that is actually Omar Aga the Hunter, a member of Mole’s First Battlegroup. After Hive stole the light from him, he awoke as an insectoid creature that Eris Morn inserted into her prized machine gun to create the Xenophage. The Thousand Voices, made from Ahamkara bone, are believed to have sentience because Ahamkara exists in realms beyond the physical.

Ruthless is also sensitive, having gotten an idea of ​​his target and seems to have realized that he was programmed to kill. The Knowledge tabs suggest that the MIDA Mini Tool can follow its user’s instructions, which implies sensitivity, and the MIDA Multi-Tool’s compass that appears to speak to the user also means that it can be sensitive. The colony could also be a primitive AI, and Eyes of Tomorrow could contain a version of Clovis Bray. The Osteo Striga fires sentient projectiles that track the targeted enemy, though it is unclear if the weapon itself is sentient.

Telesto seems to have suddenly gained sensitivity, according to the Super Good Advice lore entry. However, a weapon’s sentience doesn’t make it inherently more powerful, and Destiny 2 has plenty of reliable weapons, both sentient and non-sentient. For example, players can get hard rolls on several recently introduced weapons that are part of the King’s Fall loot table in the King’s Fall raid, which you can complete with weapons from our King’s Fall weapons list. You can also check out our list of the best Exotics in Destiny 2 to find out which weapon is best for your Guardian.

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