WhatsApp crashed in Italy: problems detected for the app today, October 25, 2022 – Updated

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problems for What’s up? today, 25 October 2022detected in Italy, which appears to be the famous Meta messaging app down For a few minutes in our country, based on many indicators from around the world.

Update: WhatsApp seems to have fully started working for a few minutes, so the alarm returned after blocking the service for a few hours with the issues fixed pretty quickly. We welcome any clarification from Meta as to what it is.

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Original article:

There are many reports pending on the Downdetector website to find out how the situation has developed. The most serious situation seems to have started this morning. 09:00but the first problems surfaced yesterday, some polls started around 6pm on the evening of October 24th.

The causes of these ailments are currently unknown, but will certainly be investigated as soon as possible, given the widespread use of the practice by Italians.

WhatsApp, messaging app logo

WhatsApp, messaging app logo

WhatsApp is not working on sending and receiving messages with some kind of disconnection from the servers.

Likewise, parallel applications WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop seems to have various issues with the constant lack of connectivity detected at these minutes and waiting for more information on this. However, we will follow the development of the problem.

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