Overwatch 2 player count jumped to 25 million in 10 days

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Despite a rocky first few days, Overwatch 2’s player count has skyrocketed since its release on October 4. Blizzard says its free-to-play FPS game currently has more than 25 million players, and as a gift of thanks and celebration, they each receive a Legendary skin and weapon trinket to take home.

Blizzard says that Overwatch 2’s player base is “almost evenly spread” across EMEA, the Americas, and Asia, reaching a daily high of roughly three times that of the original Overwatch.

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“The release of Overwatch 2 was a huge moment for Blizzard,” Blizzard president Mike Ybarra said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring new players from around the world to the dynamic Overwatch universe, as well as welcome the existing Blizzard community.”

Thanksgiving Gifts: New Legendary Cursed Captain Skin for Reaper and Weapon Charm with Medkit. You can get them by logging into Overwatch 2 from October 25 until the end of the first season of Overwatch.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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