All Fortnite Bytes Missions Including TV Setup

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fortnite byte missions are available now, and each requires players to complete challenges to unlock new harvesting tools. However, it is only available in Battle Royale if you unlock the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass Byte Skin. You have until the end of the current season to claim these rewards, so we recommend completing the challenges right away.

Between each of the Fortnite Bytes main missions, you need to set the TV while wearing Bytes clothing to receive a reward. The first place you can find the TV is in the garage of the house west of Sanctum of the Herald or the house northeast of Lustrous Lagoon. The following TV locations will move across the Fortnite map, so check their location in-game. Interact with any of these specific TVs to receive Nothing quests and unlock new tools to collect bytes.

Fortnite Byte Search Rewards

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After completing these missions, you must find the TV and interact with it to receive the following rewards:

  • Gift of Nothing (Reaper’s Cry) – Deal damage to enemies with Evochrome weapons (2500)
  • Gift of Nothing (Dreadclaw) – mileage on a chrome car (5000)
  • Gift of nothing (strong sunbeam) – cross chrome structures in places with different names (10)
  • Gift of Nothing (Chaotic Edge) – look for chrome chests (20)
  • The Gift of Nothing (Razer Thorn) – deal damage to Chrome Fauna (2500)
  • Gift of nothing (spit) – Eliminate opponents in the location called Chrome (20)
  • The gift of nothing (Thrasher) – chrome opponents (10)

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Once you have completed all the missions in Fortnite Bytes, many more challenges await you in the final season. If you don’t have any Bytes missions yet, you can get some free Fortnite V-Bucks and use them to purchase this season’s Battle Pass. Plus, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on the best Fortnite weapons this season, including being able to use Fortnite keys to open chests scattered around the map for epic and legendary loot.

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