Company of Heroes 3 has been pushed back to February 23, 2023

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Company of Heroes 3™, the next game in the critically acclaimed RTS franchise, has been pushed back to February 23, 2023. Company of Heroes 3 was scheduled to release on November 17th, but Relic Entertainment, Inc needed more time to work on the overall improvements. , balancing and fine-tuning CoH 3 to meet player expectations and provide the deepest tactical experience in the series.

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Since the game was first unveiled in July 2021, Relic has invited players to sign up for CoH-Development, a community platform dedicated to getting feedback in all areas of the game. Many of your valuable comments have already been received, processed and in many cases implemented. Some of these features and improvements are being revealed today.

  • Relic has made notable improvements to its new dynamic campaign map, such as updating the new supply system, implementing more aggressive AI and faster map navigation via port and airport improvements.
  • The studio paid more attention to visual grain and detail during battles, improving shading technology and fine-tuning. In addition, Relic has made significant changes to the overall coverage of CoH 3.
  • Relic has improved instant gameplay by repositioning the camera and providing clearer information on the minimap. Improvements are also being made to the HUD layout and overall UI theme.
  • Watching players try out the Pre-Alpha multiplayer in November 2021 has really helped the developers make significant improvements to group battles, their upgrade trees, units, and summoning abilities.
  • Relic reworked and improved parts of the lines to be authentic to the specific characters and their native accents featured in the game.

Working with the CoH-Dev community over the past few years has been an invaluable experience, and we are immensely grateful for your contributions to CoH 3.Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager of Relic Entertainment “We want to release the biggest and most exciting game in the history of our franchise, which means we need a little more time to fix bugs, balance and polish so that our players have a fantastic experience at launch.

For more information on Company of Heroes 3, CoH-Dev, and the decision to push back the release date, check out this blog post. Players can pre-order the game here and receive amazing bonus items at launch. For more information about Company of Heroes 3, visit the official website where players can still apply for CoH-Development. You can follow the game on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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