Back to Monkey Island Quizzes and Answers

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look no further Back to Monkey Island Quiz and Answers. Trial Cards are a major collectible in Return to Monkey Island, which, when combined with a quiz book found on a table in Scumm’s bar on Mele Island, allow Guybrush to answer questions about the game and the series. Monkey Island in general. Trial cards appear in almost every area of ​​Return to Monkey Island and can be detected by holding Tab on your keyboard or holding both bumpers on your controller to highlight each interactive object in the room.

The questions you get when you answer them are random, and the card’s position in the book will only become permanent if you answer the multiple choice question correctly. If you fail, you will lose the card, but fear not, they will reappear, so all you have to do is keep finding new cards to complete the book, and eventually you can try again. Here are the answers to all the quiz questions in Return to Monkey Island, so you can complete your quiz book and get those yummy achievements.

Return to the first page of the Monkey Island quizzes

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Woo’s official namedooshop is…

House Mojo International

Which of these islands is not an island in Monkey Island 2?

reef island

Monkey Island was once called…

Monkey Island Mutiny

Which of these people has not been swallowed by a giant manatee?

monkey marquis

Captain Keith is shipwrecked…

Wrongly Imprisoned on False Charges

At the back of the Scumm Bar is…


Morgan LeFley first appeared in:

Monkey Island Tales

Who is the local LOOM expert?


Which of these ingredients is not needed to get to Monkey Island?


Wally’s store is located at:

low street

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Mele Island Circus was operated by:

The Fettuccine Brothers

Who had a glass bottom boat in Monkey Island 2?

kate dumps

Tsinga Island is known for:


What word does the curator ask for when solving a crossword puzzle?


Lady Voodoo’s name:


Which of these ingredients is not needed to make a voodoo doll?

some bread

The crazy monkey was…

sunken ship

How many prisoners are in the ice pit?


Largo Lagrande’s motto was:

Wherever you go, sea or land, you can never hide from Largo LaGrande!

Guybrush often tries to distract people with the following:

Look back, three-headed monkey!

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Ron Gilbert started working for Lucasfilm Games in…


David Fox started working for Lucasfilm Games in…


Dave Grossman joined Lucasfilm Games in…


How many pirates were in Scumm’s Bar in the beginning?


How many dead pirates are there in the abandoned camp on Terror Island?


Beneath the cliff of Monkey Island are:

The pain, only the pain

Guybrush wears…


The original Monkey Island was first released:


The development of the original Monkey Island took…

9 months

The first game to use the SCUMM system:

manic mansion

Return to page four of the Monkey Island quiz.

What bird is represented on the crest of the Brrr Muda?

The Monkey Island volcano is full of…

How many questions does the Brrr Muda customs form have?


The name of the sheriff in Monkey Island 1 was:


Parrot in a seal Brrr Muda holds…


The German Zubasty first appeared in:

monkey island mystery

What cake doesn’t Otis like?

carrot cake

Blood Island is home to:

Hotel Good Up

How many fish are in the school below LeChuck’s boat when it is at anchor?


How long can Guybrush hold his breath underwater in this game?

8 minutes

Return to page five of the Monkey Island trials.

At the end of Monkey Island 1, LeChuck was defeated:

Root beer

Production on Monkey Island 1 took place at:

Skywalker Ranch

Production on Monkey Island 2 took place at:


How many personalized books are there in the mansion’s library?


What is carved in the tree on the beach of Monkey Island?


How many windows are on fire in the Governor’s Mansion?


The Scurvydog Shack has a giant…


Half flags…

Red and yellow

Flowers on the bench…


How long does it take to get to Monkey Island?

6 minutes

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How many mop trees are there?

From them

What’s in the front of the box in the warehouse?


Marley Scurvy Foundation acronym:


Which of the following products cannot be purchased at the Scurvydog Shack?

steamed sausages

Which of the following books is not in Carla’s library?

“Hacking for dummies”

You can feed the duck in the park:


Dee murmurs over and over:


What is the real name of the skull?


Which of these cannot be found at the bottom of the ocean?

whale bone

Who is the publisher of the Pirate Times?

Conrad Lee

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Who owns the wedding veil in LeChuck’s cabin?


In which room does the earth constantly rotate?

LeChaka’s Cabin

What does Guybrush say when he lands on the island?


How many different geckos can you find in Monkey Head?


What does the sign tell Monkey Head?

“Private property”

A ghost chicken with digestive problems is called:

What is the name of LeShip’s cat?


What is the first rule of the Mele prison?

no leak

How many torches are initially lit in Brrr Muda?


What distant sea creature can you see swimming from LeShip’s crow’s nest?


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How many hermit crabs have settled on Barebones Island?
From them

The Brrr Muda Ice Castle coat of arms represents:
sword and two fish

The bird on the beach of Tsinga Island is:

Bird with scarlet feathers and sharp edges

What animal is depicted on Bella Fisher’s boat?


What is the name of the mischievous pirate in Herman’s favorite book?


How many crows are in LeShip’s crow’s nest?


What ocean views can’t be found at Chalk’s Fish Market?


Odina is the queen regnant X of Brrr Muda.


Due to the scurvy epidemic, all ships heading north from Scurvy Island must carry:


Accountant Name Stan:


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What does the sign on the gate of Terror Island say?


Where is Kogg Island?

K.3 (this will be exclusive to your game!)

How many parrots are near Scurvydog Shack?


How many ship masts can you see on the street with a sleeping pirate?


Seller of scurvy dogs…


What exactly does Guybrush not like?


What is next to the dead end on the Island of Terror?

leaning tree

Where to find nettle?

terror island

How many skeletons are there in the water on the beach of Terror Island?

From them

What can not be found at the bottom of the sea?

old space suit

Return to page ten of the Monkey Island Trials.

Which of them is not in the park:


Chucky’s friend likes:


Which stone monkeys are most present in the first ring?


How many stone monkeys are there in the second ring?


How many stone monkeys are there in the third ring?


At the door of the dependency…


Chucky’s friend’s name is:


How many balloons can you see from the park?

From them

A couple in the park feeds…


The park has…

All these

And that’s all you need for Return to Monkey Island quizzes and answers. If you haven’t completed your first playthrough yet, be sure to check out our guide on how to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island. We also have a guide to help players get out of the hold in Return to Monkey Island if you get stuck on this puzzle.

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