The games are the subject of over 324,000 playlists created by Brazilian users on Spotify.

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Did you know that over 80% of Gen Zers identify as gamers in the world? The activity goes far beyond entertainment, it has become a profession and digital games (eSports, in English) are becoming increasingly relevant as they move the billionaire into the global marketplace. To celebrate today, also known as World Gamer’s Day, Spotify is reporting that more 11.2 million playlists created by users worldwide theme inspired. In the last 90 days alone, almost 323 thousand playlists were created by global users.

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Of course, the Brazilian gamer base on Spotify is very active. These users don’t just listen to music while playing games, they also create playlists of their favorite games or soundtracks.

There are more than 324,000 custom playlists with conditions games, the game, the game Music as well as games in the description in Brazil. And over the past 90 days more 10.6 thousand playlists were created with the same words on Spotify in Brazil.

Spotify honors all fans of this activity around the world, from the most moderate to the professional, with the Gaming Center as a one-stop destination for gamers looking for music to play, relax, compete or even work with. Explore and listen to all available playlists, podcasts and soundtracks. Free, only on Spotify.

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Source : Married Games

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