Upcoming Valorant Fracture Map Changes

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Valorant Fracture map changes will be available soon. While Valorant is definitely among the best FPS games right now, some of its maps are more popular than others, and Fracture is the one that has received a lot of complaints from the community. Riot level designer Joe “Pearl Hogbash” Lansford said the team is working on several changes to help improve the overall quality of life on the map and make it “a little more comfortable for both teams.”

Among the most common complaints is the number of different viewpoints players can zoom into. With lots of elevation changes and a lot of rotation potential around the map, players can quickly flank and circle opponents, making it hard to tell where your enemies are coming from. There’s also a joke that Fracture Site A is similar to Fracture Site B, something players say they can’t explain but somehow seems to be true.

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“Fracture has been available for a year; we are currently working on some changes, ”explains Lansford in a TikTok video on the official playvalorant account. “I won’t give too much away, but we’ve made some general quality of life changes to the map and hopefully Site A will be a bit safer.” Additionally, Lansford suggests that changes around the satellite dish (large satellite dish) should improve zone play from the perspective of an attacker and defender.

A post on twitterLansford explains that “we didn’t really ‘rework’ the map. The core game will remain the same.” So it sounds like this won’t necessarily fix all the map issues, but it should provide some welcome updates to freshen up the flow of matches in Fracture. Players in the replies say they’re happy to see the Dish area get some attention, while other Fracture fans express relief that the map isn’t changing too drastically. After all, every story has two sides.

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Source : PC Gamesn

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