Mothmen 1966, a very short visual novel review

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Mothmen 1966, a very short visual novel review

When can a date be said to be ruined? On the one hand, all efforts to make it special are useless and really underappreciated? When a strange figure appears in the middle of the evening and begins to tell disturbing quirks? Or when you need to save your life from an ancient and savage power? Maybe after a lot of effort, the child will be made and the goat will come out. Was it worth surviving?

There Mothmen 1966 review will try to answer these and other questions before sending you to a couples counselor.

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Graphic style is really successful

Graphic style is really successful

Mothmen 1966 a visual novel With a graphic style that basically follows the color palette of old CGA graphics cards, where the intertwined stories of three characters are traced: Holt, the manager of a gas station lost in a dense forest, a young historian Lee who can do just that. For some reason connected to her relationship with her father and Lee’s girlfriend Victoria, who is also a historian, I can’t stand her beauty. When we say “follow the story” we often mean that you read the dialogues and explanations. Occasionally decisions can be made through a classic multiple choice system, but these are generally few in number and do not branch out into the story. At most, they change some dialogs or unlock objects in the gallery accessible from the main menu.

Beyond that there are gods mini games, all very simple puzzles, all governed by text prompts, and in case of error can lead to the death of one of the main characters with an attached game. However, they can be retried as many times as you want, and they certainly do not pose an insurmountable hurdle, as the logic is usually understood after the first failed attempt. For example, in one case it is necessary to find the correct sequence of movements to repel the coyotes, in another it is necessary to re-establish a mechanism by turning the tiles, in another it is necessary to use a weapon. choosing which enemies to kill first to avoid drowning, etc. There’s also an “impossible” solitaire to try to solve, but it’s completely optional. All this is to say that the essence of the experience, along with the rest that surrounds it, remains above the whole story.


Victoria, one of the three heroes

Victoria, one of the three heroes

Mothmen 1966 does not recreate a ‘classic graphic adventure for computers with graphics cards Deja Vu or Talisman will greatly disappoint. The title of LCB Game Studio is one of those very short and linear. It can be finished in about an hour and a half; two hours if you try to unlock all achievements. It’s actually very short, a short story in which some elements of the writing are appreciated, especially those related to the relationship between Lee and Victoria, but a little lost when it comes to making sense of the fantastical elements. much more sketchy. in very direct disclosures.

an attempt to trust his literature and comics breed pulp this is obvious, but we admit that it is quite difficult not to be surprised by some revelations, because nothing is done to de-rationalize them, in some cases embodying them to the point where they jump out of the ditch and wake up. joy rather than fear or surprise.

A date on a creepy night

A date on a creepy night

Some questions remain pending, but unfortunately, these are not sought with enthusiasm, who knows how. Even the attempt to forcibly insert some contemporary themes, such as the role of women in the chauvinistic male society, seems rather clumsy and forced, as it is absolutely out of context given the story being told and how it is piled up. almost completely overflowing. What remains in the end is a sympathetic experience, a sporting experience. smooth graphic style and it’s fascinating in its own way, but that doesn’t seem like much breathing and is ultimately negligible.


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If you’re looking for a short story with an inexpensive and engaging visual style, Mothmen 1966 will likely interest you. Of course, it never goes too deep and never really gets off the ground, just being a good genre story and nothing more. The existing mini-games don’t help, just as the presence of items to unlock, which is just an extra without too much weight, isn’t decisive for the experience as a whole.


  • graphic style
  • The relationship between some characters is well written
  • never gets up
  • ends without leaving much

Source: Multiplayer

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