Microsoft: Acquisition of Activision Blizzard focuses heavily on PC and mobile

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in a recent interview with Phil Spencer, Head of XboxAn interesting detail has emerged in the background of the famous actor from Bloomberg. Microsoft buys Activision Blizzardapparently driven a lot by the desire to have a larger footprint. PC and mobile space.

This is specifically a question of acquiring something new. creative power For PC and mobile game development that Activision Blizzard can easily provide with its teams. “When we think about what we can produce today and where we should try to expand, it turns out that smartphones are the biggest platform on the planet,” Spencer said, “with one and a half billion people playing on mobile platforms.”

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On that front, Microsoft is pretty clear: “When it comes to gaming from consoles and PCs, we don’t have a lot of creative flair when it comes to mobile games.”

Activision Blizzard, various icons

Activision Blizzard, various icons

Smartphones, as well as PC, were the platforms that prompted Microsoft to focus on Activision Blizzard, with King’s empire for mobile devices and various Blizzard teams representing a significant reserve of creative skills for the PC space.

“We started internally discussing Activision Blizzard’s capabilities on mobile and PC, these were some of the things that interested us the most when it comes to purchasing,” said Phil Spencer.

Among other information emerging from the same interview, Spencer also spoke of “good feelings” about the progress of the acquisition and the possibility of being seen as less privileged in the future.

Source: Multiplayer

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