WWE 2K22: Top 5 Giant Superstars in MyGM –

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WWE 2K22 offers a selection of five Superstar styles. In MyGM mode, it’s important to distinguish between these styles when creating matches, as clashing opposing styles creates better matches and stories.

One of the superstar styles is the giant, powerful superstar who uses his stature and strength to beat anyone who gets in his way. Although they don’t have great flight or speed abilities, the power of giants is often unmatched and they are great competitors for cruisers in MyGM. Here are the five giant Superstars to use in MyGM in WWE 2K22.

5. T-bar

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T Bar is a member of the Revenge team led by Mustafa Ali. He’s a massive WWE Superstar with a lot of strength and athleticism, and he could be a good heel against any cruiser Superstar in MyGM in WWE 2K22.


Walter is one of WWE’s NXT UK stars and his raw strength has made him a responsible force. With the potential to be one of the best giants in WWE 2K22 and the best heel giant on the roster, he’ll make a great transfer to MyGM.

3. Nia Jacks

There aren’t many giant WWE Superstars in WWE 2K22’s women’s division, but the best of them all is Nia Jacks. Although no longer with the company, Nia is still featured in WWE 2K22 and is a great choice against female WWE 2K22 Superstars including Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.

2.Kit Lee

Before Kate Lee left WWE late last year, she was a WWE Superstar due to her very fast ringing motion for her height. You can play Kate Lee as a giantess in WWE 2K22, but she also has cruiser moves and rope climbing skills. Keith Lee is a fun superstar to use at MyGM and you should definitely try to negotiate with him if possible.

1. Brown Strouman

Brown Stroman was a WWE favorite with his face and heel, and the WWE world was shocked by his exit early last year. Luckily for fans, WWE 2K22 is still available in MyGM. Stroman’s combination of speed, power, and versatility is a big signature at MYGM, and I recommend signing up for your long-term cruiser/developer chat, if available.

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