Partner of Take4Games and Flow Podcast

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Take4Games, a blockchain gaming and technology startup with a proven track record in the digital, entertainment, gaming and esports markets, has just launched an advertising campaign in partnership with Flow Podcast, the largest podcast in Brazil with almost 4 million subscribers. The startup, which will launch the Brazilian “Universus” series of games with a “play to earn” feature in the third quarter, is strengthening its strategy with this partnership, which not only makes the project more visible, but also guarantees Igor 3K the status of a representative of a new game.

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The campaign, which began in August, brings master sponsorship of the live and cuts channel (featuring the highlights of Flow records). “This is a way to introduce our Universus project to an audience that loves and knows about games. We want to show the differences of our project. We have developed Universus focused on economic sustainability. We use the bugs of the first generation of Web3 games as a way to learn,” says Leo Murakami, one of the founders of T4G. “We also intend to expand our already formed communities so that everyone can explore and discuss tools with more stability and transparency,” he comments.

The partnership includes advertising with Igor 3K and AMA (Ask Me Anything) at Flow Games. “We trust the entire Flow team to show more about Universus,” concludes Gab Araujo, also the founder of T4G. Until October, both the podcast, YouTube channel and Flow social media will be sponsored by Take4Games.

Series of games “Universe”

Take4Games’ flagship project is Universus, a series of mobile and money-making games that uses a robust economic system through NFT. Based on a space exploration narrative, the series aims to implement all of GameFi’s visions by offering a sustainable economy with financial decentralization and a balance between entertainment and rewards in games.

The project required months of preparation and business development. With 26 dedicated professionals, the startup also has strong business partners and leaders in its segments, in addition to Do You Know? and Flow Podcasts such as Transfero Crypto, the company behind BRZ, a Brazilian stablecoin that facilitates access to the crypto market for beginners, Bichara&Motta Advogados, One Percent and IQ Protocol.

Since April, Take4Games has also been advising Dr. Slava G. Turyshev is an astrophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology and a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Acting as an advisor, Dr. Slava should advise the creative team, confirming the narrative and providing input with resources and real-world issues to ensure the gaming experience is as real, educational, and interesting as possible in regards to space exploration.

The release of the first game in the series is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022. On social networks, players will be able to find all the information and updates, as well as compete for prizes and play early access.

About Take4Games

Take4Games, founded by Gab Araujo and Leo Murakami, is a technology business development and serial innovation company with a proven track record in the digital, entertainment, gaming and sports markets. With a culture of creating immediate value and a constant focus on management and innovation, T4G is an agile company capable of offering multiple solutions in technology, blockchain, NFT, marketing, arts and entertainment, in addition to developing end-to-end solutions. business, scalable and creative.

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