Vampire Survivor Cheats

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You want a list of all Vampire Survivor Cheats? It seems like a cruel joke for a roguelike game to add cheat codes so late in development, but here we are. Patch 6.2 gives future vampire hunters the ability to enter multiple codes for powerful abilities.

To unlock Vampire Survivors cheats, you need to find the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, which you can get by killing the Bone Orb in the Bone Zone.. Once you take it, a new secrets menu will appear in the main menu. Here you can not only get hints, but also see the unlock conditions of the hidden unlockable Vampire Survivors characters. Of course, you can also just enter codes to unlock them; We have the full list below.

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All Vampire Survivors Cheat Codes

Here are all the Vampire Survivors cheats:

Suggestions in the main menu

  • x-x1viiq – Unlocks Exdash as a playable character in Vampire Survivor
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter – get 5000 gold coins (works only once)

character tips

  • Ladone Arch – without eladone
  • ladone gate – viladona
  • llama ladona – big palm tree
  • by jose – stronger character
  • dommario – biopark
  • sweat clerics – fascia
  • fried crochi – accident
  • cristina daven – crystal makeup
  • Yatta Cavallo – yattapanda
  • bianca ramba – carramba
  • O’Sole Mio – reload
  • sir ambrose – languid
  • Gyorunton – second evolution
  • Big pants – Errivatolarrotine
  • Cosmo Peacock – lkhovistio
  • marrabbio boone – fettinepanate
  • Gives – I will never let you forget me.
  • cucumber – pinochampino
  • boron pods – high five
  • Mask of the Red Death – blasphemous mockery
  • exdash – eksdasheksonevich
  • toasty – tramezzini (only works if Exdash is unlocked)

scene tips

  • Molise – relax enjoy life
  • lunagolow – honesty
  • green acres – Dotgogreenacres
  • bone zone – rotten pizza
  • boss fever – cutting edge game design

heirloom tips

  • grimoire grimoire – this should have been unlocked by default
  • Ars Gouda – this should have been unlocked by default too
  • milky way map – lead cheese
  • crystal wizard – eggs eggs
  • master of the mind – teleportustomars
  • Randomazzo + Arcana VI – random mazes
  • great gospel – I am in the heart of the cries of the captain of the planet.
  • magical fireworks – Thank you
  • tears of a witch – time compression
  • yellow sign – I have seen

padding tips

  • Twist the UI a bit – turning

How to unlock the Vampire Survivors cheat menu

As mentioned above, you need to kill the Bone Orb in the Bone Zone to get Morbane’s Forbidden Scrolls, which in turn unlocks the cheat option in the main menu. Our advice is to pick a fast character, with a weapon that you can manually aim at this monster. You’ll want to kill him as quickly as possible, as he grows larger as enemies run into him, improving his health. Our method of choice was to speed him up with Masque of the Red Death, but picking other fast characters like Croci, Puñala, or Marrabbio should also work.

It might seem like a pretty pointless exercise, especially if you’ve already unlocked everything, but these Vampire Survivors cheats will at least help you fill in some of the blanks. If you prefer to get all characters without resorting to codes, you can use the best Vampire Survivors to earn spins or get enough money to pay for all Vampire Survivor bonuses and increase your base stats. You might also want a quick overview of all the Vampire Survivors weapon evolution recipes.

Source : PC Gamesn

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