The best Stray mods, the cat game that conquered the players

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The best Stray mods, the cat game that conquered the players

The community has done crazy things with Stray, so many that some invite you to play again.


everybody already knows cat by Stray. It has become a mass phenomenon and no less because the cat very sweetand on top of that, its history has conquered us. Everyone wants to have a nice pet like a pet, but what instead of grabbing a cat? you drive something else? Well, this new custom theme is exactly about that, dedicated to one of the games of the moment.

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Staying true to tradition, PC gamers have already surprised us with tons of Stray mods that add a different twist to this cat game and transform the cat into all kinds of creatures and video game characters. So here we leave you with some of our favorite mods for the game, but first we invite you to read our Stray review to know all the details about this PC and PlayStation game.

Of course, if you’ve decided to download any of these or any of the other mods, feel free to share your experience with other 3DJuegos users.


We start this compilation strong with this Spyro mod, where we can tackle one of the most emblematic dragons in video games. if you like spiro You know with all your heart that this mod is for you. Not only will this adorable dragon replace Stray’s cat, there will be more throughout the game as seen in the video.


if you grew up with it legendary cat who loves lasagna insanely, you already have a mod that you need to install. We flipped our cat from Stray garfielda lazier and lazier cat that we can all appreciate the cartoon style that many gamers would definitely enjoy when they were little TV shows or movies.


The legendary Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas, act of appearance but this time in the form of a cat. CJ always shows up and becomes the protagonist one way or another. No one knows how, but he finally sneaks into the most unexpected places.

First person

attempt to play stray in first person. It is an experience very close to virtual reality. If you want to know what does a cat see You can experience that feeling by downloading this mod while scrolling. After all, you already know that cats don’t stop moving, and you’ll have to adapt to their way of being to see the whole cyberpunk city.


If you hate cats and you like dogs this mod might be for you. The truth is, the dog is so cute and nothing less because french bulldog. The cat is also very cute, but it is up to each individual to choose which pet he likes the most.


Do you think Stray the cat is as innocent as he seems? Not possible. A mod maker made the cat a real killing machine. In this case the tables are returned and mod is Stray’s cat in the legendary Doom II. You can see above that in third person the kitten doesn’t look as cute as you think because Destroy demons to the rhythm of Doomguy.

Honorable Mention – Gases

This mod takes realism to the next level. If you find that Stray’s cat doesn’t have much gas, you can include it yourself. You can see how it is by pressing the B key on your keyboard. the cat throws every stone that is comfortable. The truth is that this mod it can make you laughwhich never hurts.

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Source: 3D Juegos

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