Is FIFA 23 cross-platform or cross-play?

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Excited for cross-platform play in FIFA 23? After years of waiting, FIFA 23 will finally support cross-platform play at launch. EA has been hesitant to add this must-have feature to its sports games, but things are changing this year. Back in May, EA ran a FIFA 22 cross-play test, giving owners of current-gen consoles the opportunity to play against a new set of opponents.

EA’s FIFA 22 Crossplay Test Reveals What’s Next and Sets the Stage for the Reveal FIFA 23 Crossplay players later this year. FIFA cross-platform play support doesn’t stop there, as there is also transfer market overview for specific platforms.

FIFA 23 Crossplay Modes

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With the exception of Pro Clubs and all co-op modes, all other online modes appear to support cross-platform play in FIFA 23.

Here are all the FIFA 23 cross-play modes supported at launch:

  • FUT Online Friendlies
  • online seasons
  • FUT Rivals
  • soccer champions
  • FUT Online Draft

Will PC players be able to compete against PlayStation 5 players using FIFA 23 cross-platform play?

Yes, PC gamers can play against PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia players through FIFA 23 cross-platform play. EA has confirmed that the PC version of FIFA 23 has been upgraded to the next-gen engine, the same version as for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Therefore, the system requirements for FIFA 23 are significantly higher this year.

Crossplay menu in the FIFA 22 menu

What platforms share the transfer market in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 can be divided into two versions of the game, but the transfer markets are not divided into the same groups as the cross-platform groups. FIFA 23 on PC has its own transfer market, it does not share lineups with other platforms.

These are the platforms that offer the FUT Transfer Market Shared Pool in FIFA 23:

  • Playstation 4
  • prefix 5
  • xbox one
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • stadium

That’s all you need to know about FIFA 23 crossplay. If you’re looking for a great competitive game, check out our list of the best multiplayer games against tough opponents. We also have a guide to the best soccer games if you don’t want to stray too far from FIFA.

Source : PC Gamesn

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