Top tips for finding secrets, making requests, and more.

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You’ll need these nine wrong tips because while any seasoned traveler will tell you that the best way to explore a city is to get lost in it, you’ll soon discover that it’s not always the best thing to do when you’re a cat in a world full of robots. The Walled City is a ramshackle cyberpunk labyrinth full of secrets and side quests that can be easily skipped like a cat on all fours. It’s also not safe, and you’ll go from a harmless plot to a run for your life in minutes.

At the same time, we have the best wandering tips to make sure you navigate the dark corners of the walled city with ease, as well as some tips for finding the many collectibles scattered throughout this adventure game.

Meow to progress and distract enemies.

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If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to literally ask for help. At the start of the game, your meow will cause an electrical short circuit: a string of lights will flash in the direction you’re supposed to go, and a neon arrow will flash briefly. You’ll even hear its electric crackle, so you can always find a useful track wherever it is.

Once you find a B-12, you can ask it for advice if you’re not sure.

on your current target. However, the meow will still be useful, attracting the attention of the more warlike inhabitants of the walled city, allowing you to pass freely through the guarded entrances. More importantly, he is also very cute.

Look for signs to find secrets.

The surroundings of Wandering are littered with clues as to where you need to go next. Pay special attention to the neon lights and arrows. Even if they are not on your direct route, they will likely lead you to /something/ of interest.

Tramp and B-12 will detect important objects

The walled city is littered with rubbish, so it’s easy to miss important items. Fortunately, the B-12’s backpack lights up when you’re near something it can interact with, like starting a dialogue or hacking into terminals. The eponymous wanderer will also look for landmarks and key items in the environment, so it’s always worth investigating what catches his eye.

Use the verticality of the city to find collectibles

The fun thing about playing as the traveling protagonist of Stray is that it gives you the freedom to traverse ledges and reach new heights. If you stay on the ground throughout the game, you’re sure to miss out on key items, characters, and collectibles. You will also miss the impressive view of the walled city from above. Let’s be honest, curiosity never / actually / killed a cat…or did it?

Talk to as many as you can to find hints and clues.

Stray doesn’t include quest markers or journals, so if you plan on doing all the requests in the game, you’ll have to find them yourself by talking to everyone. Even if the Cyber ​​Citizen in question doesn’t need your help, more often than not they’ll give you hints as to where specific characters are or how to access locked areas. Don’t forget that you can also show the items you are wearing and hear what they have to say.

Sharpen your claws to discover hidden areas

In Stray, the world is your scratcher. No pesky person will scold you for going to town on an antique rug, but the ability to mark your territory isn’t just there to add a feline touch, it actually has some real benefits. Grabbing a curtain will often lower it, revealing a useful shortcut or access to a whole new area, and knocking on a closed door will sometimes cause the robot inside to open, allowing you to enter.

Interact with each vending machine to get change

Be sure to interact with all the vending machines you find in the slums, and not just because of the realistic animation of the plucky feline protagonist. The energy drinks serve as currency for the robot population, and ignoring the vending machines will cause you to lose your trade with the Barterman in the future.

Homeless Clues Guide: A homeless cat and his B-12 robot companion run away from a pack of Zurks

Survive Zurks by planning your route

If you’re about to enter a zork-infested area, take the time to look around and find your target before jumping. By planning your route in advance, you can easily outwit pesky creatures and avoid a dead end.

While you may not be able to take on the Zurks, you do get up to speed with speed and agility. First, Zurks have a much larger turning radius than you do, so use that to your advantage. To dodge them when you’re stuck, try to position yourself so that everyone stays together while they chase you. A large group is much easier to manage, especially when you get the Defluxor.

Don’t explore too much or you risk being left out of the areas

The Tramp encourages you to stretch out and explore, but it can be taken too far. Each chapter of the game takes place in a separate area, and if you’re not careful, you could drop into the next area prematurely and get stuck back where you came from. Make sure to complete all pending requests and puzzles before you go too far out of bounds; otherwise, you will have to start the chapter all over again to complete them.

We hope these misguided tips help you as you navigate the many twists and turns of the walled city. If you haven’t seen the world from a bird’s eye view yet, be sure to check out our Stray review and assess Stray’s system requirements before you get started.

Source : PC Gamesn

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