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Cyberpunk 2077 mod puts Final Fantasy XIV in your car


If you’ve ever driven through Night City and thought a dose of Eorzea was just what the metropolis needed, the new Cyberpunk 2077 mod could be music to your ears, literally. Final Fantasy XIV Radio by NexusMods user miku393 allows you to create your own FFXIV playlist and add it to an action RPG to play every time you turn on the radio. It needs a few other mods to make it work, namely the above radio mod that serves as the base. However, once set up, simply add the song files to your mods folder, and that’s all you need to cruise around town to the sound of Answers and Return to Oblivion.

What makes it unique, apart from being essentially Eorzea FM in CD Projekt RED’s urban RPG, is its ease of use. RadioEXT, this mod is made by keanuWheeze, you just need to copy and paste the songs to the correct folder for it to work and voila. No modding tools, relatively little modding knowledge, and you have a custom set of radios for everyone.

It’s just the latest way for fans to try to keep the Cyberpunk experience fresh in the absence of any new updates. Another recent mod addresses the lack of flying cars in the futuristic RPG by letting you soar through the air in your favorite vehicle – the perfect complement to your custom radio channels.

Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED hasn’t completely forgotten about Cyberpunk, as the development team recently announced a transmogrification system in development. Technically, the system is already in the game, but you can’t access them, until CDPR releases another update that unlocks them. However, this may take some time as the next update hogs most of the studio’s resources.

If you are looking for additional tweaks for V’s Adventure, check out our collection of the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods you can use.

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