Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build Guide

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“Boobies are still powerful fighters with big sword attacks and strong defenses, but when they go into burst mode…” / Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

As for finding a good building to upgrade the Berserker to in the Lost Ark, the good news is that the point of failure is definitely not there, thanks to its high burst damage and wide area skills. of effect (AoE).

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For those looking to get the best optimization, long cooldown, and low mobility in the early stage Warrior subclass, but here are some of the best Berserker upgrade builds in Lost Ark.

Finally, before attempting to access endgame content, players running Berserker should prioritize combat critical and specialization stats when equipping higher tier gear to maximize damage and the net speed during the upgrade process.

Source : dbl tap

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