Ark Desmodus: Spawn Locations, Controls, and How to Tame

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So you want to tame Ark Desmodus? Featured in the Fjordur survival game free update, this fierce flying creature is considered to be one of the best Ark dinosaurs that you can master in the entire game. This is mostly due to his ability to create blood elixirs, but Desmodus has plenty of other perks too, so acquiring one of these reckless bats should be a priority.

But how do you tame the Ark of Desmodus? Where do they breed? And how the hell are you really? fly this thing? Fear not, we have all the answers in this handy guide. Spoiler alert: You will need a lot of blood bags. Alternatively, if you’re sick of Desmodus, check out the best Ark mods to potentially add new creatures to your game.

Best Ark Desmodus Spawn Locations

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Desmodus is usually found in caves on the new Fjordur map, but YouTuber Raasclark recommends a specific cave behind the waterfall at map coordinates 37.7/74.9.

There are also several Desmodus spawn locations on the large island in the lower left corner of Fjordur, as well as spawn locations on smaller islands.

How to tame Ark Desmodus

Taming Desmodus isn’t difficult compared to some of the Ark’s tougher dinosaurs, but it does take time and patience. The basic premise is simple: taunt Desmodus, run away, but let him pick you up and carry you, which will start the taming process.

The thing is, you will lose health while being carried by Desmodus. If you don’t plan ahead, you will die long before you reach the end of the taming meter. You’ll also notice your taming efficiency drop, barely exceeding 50% by the time you reach the end. The ideal Desmodus taming strategy would include the following steps:

  • Make sure you have enough blood bags. We’ve seen claims that it can be done with 80, but most recommend a few hundred to be safe. This ensures that you survive long enough to complete the taming.
  • Send out the Moschops first, also equipped with blood bags. Allowing Desmodus to get away with this sacrificial Dino Lamb will increase the taming efficiency by up to 100%.
  • Make sure there are no more Desmodi nearby to interrupt the process.

There’s another nuance you can use: if you make sure to tame the chosen Desmodus in the cave, you won’t lose it in the taming process. Even after feeding him Moschops, his taming efficiency will decrease, so if you want to keep him as efficient as possible, you may need to pause and give him one more round of Moschops before returning to complete the taming process. .

If you want to see this strategy in action, we recommend watching Rassclark’s video on the subject:

youtube thumbnail

Ark Desmodus Rules

So, you have tamed Desmodus. I guess you’ll want to know how to mount it. The basic controls are similar to most flying creatures:

  • me – sit / crouch
  • Space – take off land
  • X – Brake

You also have the normal movement keys and basic attack/main fire with a left click. There are also some additional Desmodus-specific controls to be aware of:

  • Space – When you are near a ceiling or wall, you can press the space bar to block it.
  • Left click (hold) – This activates the echolocation ability, which sends out a sound wave and then highlights all nearby creatures in a pulsing red circle.
  • Right click (press) – Pick up small creatures. You can then use left click to attack them in the air.
  • Right click (hold) – Become invisible. In flight, you can only do this at night, but if you’re tied to a wall or ceiling, you can do it at any time.

Desmodus also has an innate crafting ability that allows them to create blood elixir from 200 blood bags. If the thought of collecting so much blood puts you off, then we’ve got you covered. Perfect News: Desmodus will generate blood packs every time a creature attacks. Blood bags for several days!

That’s all you need to know about the Ark of Desmodus. For more tips on Ark, be sure to check out our Ark admin commands guide, as well as the news on Ark 2 now that it’s been officially announced.

Source : PC Gamesn

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