The Xbox app on Smart TV is real, it already has a history, and these are its keys

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The Xbox app on Smart TV is real, it already has a history, and these are its keys

Microsoft talks about its plans to expand Xbox Game Pass and improvements to Windows 11 and EDGE.

Xbox Game Card

If only a few days ago Microsoft had offered its own Xbox Chromecast to bring its experiences. cloud games and Game Pass to a wider variety of devices, Redmond’s surprises now being announced An Xbox app for Smart TV (for now Samsung) is opening its game offerings to an even wider audience.

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Xbox app launches on Samsung TVs on June 30Without the need for an additional console or peripheral, people around the world will have access to “hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games” to fulfill their dream of creating a platform that can reach billions of players, whether on console, PC or game. In a scenario where “players with any device need to find the content they want to play,” Xbox head Phil Spencer said via Xbox Cloud streaming.

Microsoft ensures that the transition to this new service is simple and is used in a very similar way to other applications of this type that we can find on Smart TVs. They also emphasize that you can enjoy these games with xbox controllers over bluetooth the next time the service starts 30 June. The message is clear. You’ll be able to “play hundreds of video games from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog” on your TV without a console, and that includes other games like Fortnite.

Xbox also announced that this commitment to cloud gaming on any device broadens its perspective, especially into new regions. Argentina and New Zealand. In addition to confirming the rumored demos on Xbox Game Pass.

Windows 11, Edge and video games

Xbox Game Pass official

The news does not end here. Microsoft also talked about some updates to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Edge browser, along with improvements such as improving windowed gameplay to offer a better gaming experience while conducting optimization tests in the Windows Insider program. Chief among them includes a new app that will allow Calibrate High Dynamic Range (HDR) and improve latency On Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) screens.

Likewise, they seek expand Microsoft Edge as an alternative platform for delivering content—news, game guides, broadcasts, tournaments, etc. optimize resources it uses both in Windows 10 and 11 so that the games that we can enjoy in it run smoothly and fast.

Xbox Game Pass official

Xbox Design Lab will also expand its controls’ customization optionsThe latest news in this series of announcements dedicated to the structure of services concerns Xbox Design Lab, controller customization tool. New customization options will be included, as well as a wide variety of new colors to use for customize our controllers. Likewise, the service will be restarted shortly and 11 new countries It covers Europe, Asia and Oceania.

This news, along with news linked to new Xbox Series and PC games, will take place in a few days and is a small preview of what’s to come in the long-awaited Xbox Showcase. This won’t be the only scenario where we’ll explore the future of videogames, as there are many more summer events that promise big announcements.

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