Sonic Frontiers: Trailer of the current battle system, let’s explore the gameplay details

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IGN USA continues its collaboration with SEGA. sonic borders, the game dedicated to the fastest blue hedgehog in the world. Now we’re starting to see trailer dedicated to the combat systemadds to the research shown above.

this introduction video takes six minutes and a little longer and shows us Sonic again on the island that will become the setting for Sonic Frontiers. The video opens with the hedgehog colliding with a machine made up of various spheres protecting the core. Sonic can hit various parts of the car and shoot to separate them. If the hero is hit, he obviously loses some of the collected gold rings. The character can also perform some type of special attack to permanently destroy the enemy and gain collectibles.

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The video continues with the others enemieslike a machine that can open like an umbrella or close on itself for self-defense. Sonic must run around to activate an air blast thereby raising the enemy’s protection and hitting the center hull. This enemy can also attack, and the Sonic Frontiers character must be careful not to get hit.

We also see Sonic being able to dodge enemy attacks and fight the more classic bipedal creatures that attack with his arms and can be lifted into the air with the aforementioned air blasts. Then there are the gods Manager It’s big that will need to be shot in a variety of ways, leveraging Sonic’s various abilities.

Tell us, what do you think of this new Sonic Frontiers trailer? You can see the example here.

Source: Multiplayer

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